Red Dawn plot question

So I just watched Red Dawn over the weekend. I forgot what a great movie that is. BUT, I don’t get something.

During the groups first encounter with the three (Russian?Cuban?) soldiers, there are arrows lying around, and the group is hiding under some rocks, etc.

Are they supposed to have set this up as a trap? I guess the question is: Was this encounter scripted to be intentional, or were they accidental guerrillas?

I think they were just hunting. I can’t see them being that resourseful early on. When Danny says “They are coming up”, he sounds surprised and Daryl says “Let’s tell the others.”

But they’re still a fair distance away when they’re first spotted. It seems to me that Our Heros[sup]TM[/sup] should have had time to clean up and find better hiding spots than precariously balanced on the cliff-side.