Red River Rivalry! WooHoo! Party!

**  Oklahoma University Sooners**


** University of Texas Longhorns**

Football. American style. This game predates Oklahoma statehood even.

ABC 2:30 CST, Saturday the 11th of October
That’s tomorrow!

Well, thanks to a good friend, we get to have our own Red River Showdown.

We’re using her big house and yard to have a Mexican-ish cookout and game watching. We’ve got over 60 coming, probably more (these things get that way).

Four TVs set up throughout the house and outside.

I’m doing 30 lbs of briscket for fajitas, she’s doing 40 lbs of ribs, and another friend is bringing 10 gallons of chili and about 2½ gallons of guacamole. One of my cousins is bringing homemade salsa of various heats and tons of tortillas. I have about 60 bottles of imported beers chilling, with some other friends having promised about 100 bottles of Coors & Bud, plus rum, tequila, and bourbons coming with various other people. (That’s the only way to do it. Farm it out, spread the wealth.)

Though I’m a Texan, I’m no Longhorn. I went to Colorado (poor Buffs). I live in OKC. My Momma went to OU, so I guess I’m a Sooner by default.

Sooners will out number Longhorns by 5 to 1 at this shindig.

Will the #1 Sooners spank Texas 4 yrs in a row? Or will this be upset weekend?

All I can guarantee is: No one leaves hungry!

OU is going to kick some serious Texas ass

Whoa! I just looked at what I wrote…

We’re gonna need more beer.

Welcome to The Dope™, Sooner.


OU will win. Their final score will be in the 40-50ish range.


65 to 13

OU - 65

UT - 13
That’s the number 11 team in the nation, losing to OU by 52 points.

Anyone wonder why OU is ranked #1 still?

The party went well. After the game, about 20 of us stayed and played cards in several different groups. We had to go, tho, 'cause the friend whose house we were at got news her daughter went into labor. COOL!

And, I ended up with 4 bottles of beer left over. Good thing I had some more brought over, huh?

So… what did you guys do today?

Holy crap. That score is just embarrassing!

Excuse me while I go taunt my brother, the Texan.

Boy oh boy, the boys at my house were mad yesterday. I went and hid in my room.