Red White and Blue July 4th Balto/DC/NOVA Dopefest, anyone?

Ok, I know that July 4th is a day when people frequently get together to celebrate. I thought I would float a trial ballon to see if anyone was interested in getting together at my house? I’d be happy to do massive ammounts of grilling, and I’m a hop, skip and a jump from Havre de Grace, which always has an awsome fireworks display over the bay, and a carnival for families too. So, lemmie know if there is interest here, or if everyone has plans with their RL famalies. ( As opposed to this, your VR family. :slight_smile: )

Bump for the weekday folks? I’m just sending up a trial balloon. And it’s dying…:smiley:

Well, the kids and I would come, Dave. Bluesman will be out of town :(, so we are looking for something groovy to do, and a Dopefest would fill the bill admirably!

I’ll be there in spirit Dave, as I will be sunning up off the coast of Africa at that time.


Damn you, Dave!

Once again, the lowly Pennsylvanian is ignored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I can come. We’ll see. I’ll let you [sub]Ravens suck[/sub] know. <Ahem>

WhooHoo! Lucretia without Bluesman around! No more sneeking…er…


I mean, It would be great to see you and the kids, Lucretia. Sorry Bluesman can’t make it.


I am almost totally positive I will be there. And I will extend myself as far as rides go. If there’s anyone who wants a ride from Vienna Metro, speak now. I may not have the beast I had for JC’s party.

Since I always say I’m coming to these things and then never show up, I’m going to try something different this time.

I am definitely not going to be there!

Just a bump for the weekday posters? Oh, wait, I said that before. Well, it’s one week closer, so anyone else? A crab party dopefest is also in the works for July 7. Stay tuned.

So far we have:**
Lucretia (and honestly, she’s all you need)
The kids
And Attrayant resisting, and

Airman Doors, USAF Maybe.

Anyone else?

Put me down. With the 4th on a Wednesday, it’s hard to get away since you have to be back at work the next day. :frowning:

An idea, Dave, hoping you don’t mind me having one of those in one of your threads:)

Why not do it on the 7th or 8th of July? That way the working blokes don’t have to worry about being hung over at work, and it won’t be a schoolnight, so we can have Lucretia and the kids over longer. And me. That’ll be a schoolnight for all four of us (her kids and me).

Forget it. I’m still not coming.

Sorry…can’t make it…I’m taking the week off and heading up to my parents’ house, I hope.

Since this seems to be a small 'fest, I’ve decided on chicken for the grill. I also plan to make homemade Ice Cream as well-raspberry has been requested. Can someone bring some potato salad? If anyone wants to pick up a dozen or so ears of corn, that would be cool too. Pitch in with what y’all can bring.

Baby Kate, Mrs Chance and I would love to come but aren’t yet sure if we can.

Can we keep you posted?

Sho’nuff. The more the merrier!

I’m theeeeeeeeeeenking of coming up for this thing…still haven’t completely decided. If I do manage to come up, I will be happy to make some of my Killer Potato Salad®.

And of course, my possible presence is reason enough for everyone else to want to show up as well…:rolleyes:


A Wednesday.

I am off on Wednesdays! Way Cool.

I live on a bus route that stops at . . . wait for it. . . the Vienna Metro station! Way cool.

iampunha, could I bum a ride? I can split gas costs.

I can cook too.

I make a thing called “Berry Delicious.”

It is a desert, although not all that sweet.

I can accommodate the traditionalists, if you all prefer with beans, or whatever.


“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” ~ T.S. Eliot ~

Since it’s a national holiday, my corporate masters can’t keep me chained to the office like they did last time. Iampunha, can I also bum a ride from Vienna Metro?

Oh wow:) Two people who want to ride! I feel so popular!

I am fairly certain (will find out for sure this week) that I’ll have some form of gas-driven transportation to get to Dave’s. But I am not completely sure, so I am unofficially saying yes to you, goboy and Triskadecamus. The sooner I know, the sooner you’ll know.