Red White and Blue July 4th Balto/DC/NOVA Dopefest, anyone?

In the event of possible automotive mischance, like no car, or something, could we get a vague feel for just where in Havre de Grace you are Weird Dave? (Turn left at Fairly Odd, go two blocks and then right on Downright Strange, down to the end and then right on Totally Weird, last igloo on the left?)


“It was a woman drove me to drink, and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her.” ~ W.C. Fields ~

It’s not an igloo. We’re too far south.

It’s a yurt.

sigh Why must I always be the one to point these things out?


I may be able to make this one!! Not sure what the fam is doing, but depending on the day/time y’all pick, I just might be able to beebop down from the Jersey Shore for a bit!

Of course, now that I say that, nobody else will want to come. :smiley:

Not a definite “yes”, but consider me interested.

Pardon me while I whine and moan.

It’s a federal, and state holiday. It’s my regular day off, by the way, as well. So guess what. I have to work.


Have a great time, everyone, perhaps I will get to see the yurt some other time.


“I saw guns that shot swords in the hands of young children.” ~ Bob Dylan ~

Ok, a bump cuz we’re a week away. Good news is, Bluesman is now reported as coming. Bad news is, that means Lucretia and I will have to be circumspect. Everyone can expect e-mail directions and contact # within a few days. Big plus: Y’all will get to meet my new kitty!

Oh, and Tris, I know you’re not coming, but the part of Havre de Grace I live in is called “Aberdeen”. :wink:

I have the car.

Repeat, I have the car.

Anyone else who wants a ride, lemme know.

BTW, I will not have the beast but the SUV, so unless someone wants to ride in the back without a seat, I can only fit three people.

Ok, I’m about to e-mail directions. I will provide the Chicken, chips and the ice cream ingredients. I would like for people to bring:

potato salad
A dozen ears of corn

Please chime in with what you can bring. And if chicken is not good for anyone, lemmie know so I can make something else. I can do regular, BBQ or teryaki chicken. Anyone who wants teryaki, lemmie know so I can marinade it. How does 4:00 sound for everyone?

Count me in, Dave! Want me to bring the corn?

Great! And the Blooze crew is bringing chips. C’mon, everone who’s coming, chime in, I gotta know how much chicken to buy!

At last count I am bringing myself and goboy.

Anyone else wanting a ride from Vienna Metro, speak now or hold your exasperation until I can ignore it:)

So Dave, what should I bring?