Red White and Blue July 4 dopefest, final check in

Ok, I got RTF, the Blooze crew, Pun and Goboy coming. Who else? I still need someone to bring beer and potato salad. I sent the e-mail, if I missed you, let me know. See you tomorrow about 4!

I’ll be bringing beer along with the corn. If Hamadryad’s not coming (which would be a disappointment, but it’s a long haul from Richmond, and their car isn’t trustworthy), you may be on your own with the potato salad.

Sorry, looks like I’m not going to make it. A friend came in from Pennsylvania today so I think we’re going to do The Mall thing including the fireworks and crowd down there.

Mark, your friend is certainly welcome, Lucretia is bringing relatives she hasn’t seen in 30 years, ( :wink: ) but if y’all don’t come, have fun in DC!

Pun, bring potato salad, would you?

RTF, do you need directions? I’ll e-mail them just in acse.

I will do everything in my power to equip you, Weirddave, with potato salad.

And I will do everyone there a favor and not try to make it.

Last call for anyone other than goboy who wants a ride from Vienna metro. I’m thinking 2 pm will give me enough time to get lost and still make it to your place, Dave.

Me and the clan will be there with chips!