Red Wings!! What the $&%@ are you doing?!?!

Down two games to none in a series against a team that didn’t have a prayer of a postseason until Christmas.

Hey, world’s greatest coach in all of sports? Did it ever occur to you that coasting your ass into the playoffs might not be the best idea in the world, especially when you could see for weeks now that you’d probably be playing a team that got “hot” at just the right time, one that had been playing for its life weeks before the playoffs even started? In all your years, all your Stanley Cups, that never, once, occured to you??

But even that’s no excuse. You have 9… NINE… Hall of Fame players on your team. Are they old? Well, sure they are. But it’s supposed to be that kind of grit and experience that makes you win playoff games. Grit? So far, we’re only playing with cold porridge. These players are supposed to be capable of descimating other teams, of making them simply stare in awe as we handle the puck with ease. You’re not playing like your old. Christ, your best player last night has an injured knee and was playing with more heart than the rest of the team combined. Are all of you sleeping out there??

So now you have to win two games in Vancouver to have even a decent shot of winning this series. My heart will be with you as always, but if you come back defeated, I would love the privelege of shoving the President’s Trophy up your collective ass. Why a team that knows its days are numbered would knowingly run on all cylinders for most of the regular season knowing that several of your players will have to play in the Olympics is beyond me. What a terrible lesson in time management.

But I still love ya guys. :frowning:

I share your frustration with the Wings’ playoff performance so far. Hopefully they can turn it around.

If not, maybe the Pistons can bring the NBA championship hardware back to Detroit.

The Tigers are at last showing some signs of life, although they still have a ways to go.

As much as I respect the Detroit Red Wings as a quality hockey team, I have Vancouver pegged to go all the way to the Stanley Cup…even before they played one game against Detroit. The Canucks haven’t only improved a lot since Christmas, they have been the best team in the league (their record since then speaks for itself).

Sure, Detroit has virtually an entire roster made up of Hall of Famers, but Vancouver has a list of players that will, given they play at their current level for a bunch more years, be in the hall of fame. Jovanovski, Nasland, Linden, and Bertuzzi (played with the first and last) to name a few. Vancouver has the better deal if you ask me. Their players are nearing the top of their game and Detroits Hall of Famers are clutching at one last shot.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think it’ll be a huge upset if Detroit loses this round. I mean, every sportswriter seems to think this is a giant shock - which I can’t really understand - but to me it isn’t.

Oh, and Hasek has been sucking ass which doesn’t help Detroit.

I thought this was going to be a rant about oral sex during menstruation.

Me too.

I only have a few words for my beloved 'Wings:


Well so far this has been the complete opposite of the first 2 games of last y years playoffs. So that’s good, right? …right?

Happy happy joy joy! For once we don’t suck.

Although if the Canucks don’t lose in six I’m out ten bucks.

I happen to think it’s a very good thing that Vancouver is perhaps making the Red Wings sit up and take notice of how much the Canucks have improved! Now they’re undefeated in their last 10 or 11 games! :slight_smile: :smiley:

ducks and runs like hell to escape all the brickbats that invariably will be slung at her head

Hey, a simul-post! :cool: Can’t say it’s my first one, though… oh well. I agree with Annie… for once we don’t suck! Wooyeah!

I didn’t take any bets on the outcome of this series, but at least it’s not a sweep like last year! (though we did make some great strides between then and now)

What are the Red Wings $&%@ing doing?

How about:

Getting what they deserve?

Warming up the Canucks for a real team?

Desperately looking for Lee Iacocca’s phone number?

Making players for the Lions feel a lot better about themselves?

Well, here’s hoping you win your bet… :smiley:

To answer the OP:

  • They’re losing.

I cheered for the Red Wings when they won their last few Stanley Cups because I like Steve Yzerman and I hate the Avalanche, but it’s impossible not to root for the Canucks here. The Red Wings at this point don’t even have any pretense to having developed this team; they’re trying to buy a Cup. I can’t blame them for trying, but it’s sort of hard to root for that. It’s easy to root for a team like Vancouver that has actually had to build a team.

But the Red Wings aren’t choking. The Canucks are a VERY good team, way, way better than their 8th-seed placing would suggest, and they got the bounces.

In the Wings defense (because I wish they had some lately …)

What the fuck is up with having far and away the best record in the NHL, and with it earning the distinction of playing far and away the hottest team in the NHL in the first round?

That’s just bad luck.

It’s also rather sad that to look at the past for inspiration, the Wings only need to look to the two, 2-games-to-0 leads they’ve blown in the playoffs the last two years.

I’ve got a bad feeling that they won’t turn it around. Every fucking sports media outlet made it sound like all the Wings had to do to win the Cup was show up.

Are they all really that clueless? You can’t find a bigger Red Wings fan than me, and even I knew that was bullshit.

Didn’t they see what the Canucks have been doing since January? Don’t they know from the past that teams that turn it off for the last month of the season have difficulty turning it back on?

Now TV is playing it off like the Canucks’ 2-0 lead is a “shocker.” Gee, what a shock! A team that went 28-9 since January is beating a team that beat only Atlanta in like its last 15 games!

When the Wings won their cups, they ranked third or fourth in their conference, and had to fight to the end of the season. Whenever they breeze through the regular season, they get unceremoniously bounced in the playoffs.

I had a bizzare confluence of thoughts and activities from yesterday in the dream I had last night.

I was talking to some people from South America on ICQ last night. And I had a dream that I was in Caracas, Venezuela with the Red Wings, and I and other fans were giving it to them for blowing it in the first round.

Then Scotty Bowman and I rode together to the airport to fly out.

I’ve gotta stop falling asleep with ESPN on the TV.

Ahh yes, I’m sure that Wings fans will make some lame comments about the curse of the Presidents Trophy or something equally lame. Hockeytown is turning into Hockeyshantytown. (Yes, I realize that there is still plenty of hockey left).

This is what really ticks me off:

compared to

Hasek has been decidedly mediocre. Boo hoo. I know some Sabres fans who are gloating right now and I can’t say I blame them. I think Bowman should start Legace in game 3.

In other games, boy, am I looking forward to Montreal vs. Boston tonight! The clips I saw of game one were exciting as hell and I’ll bet the Bruins will be out for blood.

I’m really starting to enjoy seeing Ha-suck bite the proverbial wax tadpole.

Go Canucks Go!

Finally Hasek was showing some signs of life in tonight’s game. He had a couple of awesome saves in the 3rd, including a penalty shot (which was a totally bullshit call btw. And speaking of bullshit calls, what was up with the refs tonight? I mean, they called Shannahan with a weak-ass hooking penalty in the 1st which made it a 5-on-3 for Vancouver. Not to mention the penalty shot. WTF??)
These west-coast games are going to kill me thougzzzzzz…


Well whaddaya know?

Hasek looked like Hasek, and Cloutier stopped looking like Terry Sawchuk.

Things are looking up.