Fuck you, Red Wings!

Im beating others to the punch I’m sure.

Fuck you! God! Honestly, you fucking lose in the first round. You had the best record! Are you just trying to fulfill your stereotype?

Fuck you! You were winning 2-0 and 3-2 at different points! I had a dream that both Pistons and Red Wings can win championships in same year. Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Maybe you weren’t cheering loud enough?

I was all set at the sight of the title to jump in here and defend my precious work boots - the successors of the pair that they had to cut off me after a broken leg just when they were getting good.

But what is that you’re on about? Hockey? Basketball? Never mind then. Carry on. :smiley:

I, of course, am so cheerful that I can hardly type.

Heh, heh.

Hey, Detroiters, I have some ideas as to what you may do with your leftover octopi.

Stevie Y deserved better. The rest of them can suck rocks.

Me too. :smiley:
(except no broken leg)

Oh, I’m loving this. After my Flames pound the Ducks, the battle of Alberta will be going full blast. That rivalry is easily as intense as any down here in the states, in any sport. Go Flames!

I have a sneaky suspicion that someone forgot to log in. Or log out, whatever the rules of the house may be. :smiley:

That’s an excellent guess. Who do you think made me a Flames fan? :smiley: However, we both have our own computers, and I AM the Flames fan here, Ginger likes them, sorta, but is lukewarm towards ANY sport (and that’s putting it mildly. “I’d rather put forks in my eyes than watch sports” is a common qoute around here). And now I have to sweat the time until game 7. FUCK!

Well, I suppose this will give the gentleman something to complain about other than the Lions drafting a short, concussion-prone defensive back. Mahaloth, I’m almost afraid to ask now, but do the Pistons stand a chance?

The Wings played a very good game last night, but they needed a world-class save from Legace here or there. It never came. I hope Yzerman comes back, what a crappy way to end a career if he doesn’t. Rest assured that Legace won’t be wearing that winged wheel again.

On the plus side, Edmonton’s crowd ROCKS! They deserve a winner. And I love that anthem singer. I keep waiting for his shirt to roll up like a window shade like in the cartoons.

I’ll take this one. While winning the title isn’t guaranteed, they do look pretty durn good. They’re still pretty solid defensively, but they’ve found out that their offense can be pretty good too. The bench is contributing. The starting five are the best all around in the league. It’d be a much bigger deal for them to bow out than the Wings.

Malahoth, I was talking to a friend of mine on Sunday. We came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the wings bowed out this year and maybe missed the playoffs next season. At best, the Wings would be better off finishing as a lower seed. Why? Because Wings fans are spoiled. The Joe never rocks like the Rexall Center until the cup finals. The first round of the playoffs is never a cause for celebration. It’s treated like a right.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this matters. It matters because my friend and I are wings fans.

There are so many things to address about the Wings season. The forwards overachieved this season. You had to know that Holmstrom, Samuelsson, and Williams were going to go cold eventually. If the Wings are smart, they’d trade Samuelsson while his value is high to a team known for making lousy decisions. Boston and Chicago spring to mind.

The wings really did play in the easiest division in the league. Yeah, they were good enough to make the playoffs without it, but the extra wins made the record a lot easier to get.

Edmonton played perfectly. How perfectly? Chris Pronger didn’t take a penalty until game six. I’m not sure he’s ever gone that many games without at least one minor penalty. The Wings rarely got an easy shot at the net. There’s a reason that the Wings had problems with Edmonton all season.

Now as a Red Wings fan, I’d like to say something a little more personally. Malahoth, take of the jersey and go support another team. Fans like you are the reason that the wings need to miss the playoffs. Starting a pit thread because your team lost? Haven’t seen a Stars fan do that. Where’s the “Fuck you, Rangers” thread? They’ve at least got a reason to start one. I was disgusted by their play and I’m not even a rangers fan. It’s just you, pitting a team you supposedly are a fan of because they didn’t win. :rolleyes: How disgusting spoiled by success you are.

It is my fault.

Ever since May of 1993 (Lost to Toronto on May 1st), any time I watch a Wings game, they lose. Every time.

My husband wanted to spend quality time with me yesterday ( it was our anniversary, the rest of the year I have no problem leaving him in the zone of Guy Stuff on TV while I go and read or fart around on the computer.) and i reminded him of the curse of me.

He said it was all in my head.

Well, I left after the first intermission to go read to the kids and fell promptly asleep.

I was woken up this morning with a " It’s all your fault" before he trudged off to work in a funk.
I profusely apologize.

Well, if it makes you feel better, I really enjoyed that '93 game. :smiley:

I agree. I never liked the Red Wings, but there isn’t enough that can be said about Steve Yzerman. The game will suffer when he retires.

Agree 100%.

I thought you were pitting my boots. Thems fighting words. A nice comfy, worn in pair of Work Boots are a thing of beauty.

That’s not accurate. I’d rather stick forks in my eyes than watch FOOTBALL.

I’m all over the hockey playoffs. Provided it’s a Flames game. Occasionally Edmonton. Yes, I do realize how very wrong that is.

But what if I like the taste?

I am. Blues fan. Someone must have hypnotized him into not taking stupid penalties in the playoffs. Interesting playoffs - I get to watch all these teams I hate beat each other up, without my own team in there (for the first time since I was 9 years old).

And to my obnoxious Wings fan friend that rubbed it in my face when #8 seed San Jose beat #1 seed and President’s Cup winner St. Louis back in 1999-2000, well…payback’s a bitch.