Redirection when I click on SDMB link

I’ve noticed this happening for quite a while - a month, maybe - when I type B in the address bar and go to and click the link. I get transfered - as in, it just opens this page instead - to a place called I’ve run AD-Aware and Spybot and not gotten any untowards cookies, so I’ll have to ask you - what gives?

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Doh! Sorry - should have said. I use Mozilla FireFox v1.04 as my browser.

Sometime, the same thing happen with me, but at dumb terminals using IE. I think it is due to a slight downward shifting of the curser selecting that address.

Make life easy for yourself and set it as a default tab to open with.

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Thanks - I’ll do that.

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It something you’re doing when typing in the address bar, you’re not selecting from the drop down list, you’re actually telling Firefox to do a search on ‘b’ and take you to the first matching website. In google, for some reason, the top match for ‘b’ is that site.

You sometimes find the same if you type in a bad URL. Firefox executes a search on “http://” which will take you to (as obviously the most linked site on the web) to It’s weird if you don’t know why it’s happening.