Rediscovering obscure old songs from your youth

Pinball by Brian Protheroe - - it was played earlier this year in the soundtrack of a BBC comedy written by Danny Baker with music by Squeeze, and I hadn’t thought of it in 40 years.
Cradle to Grave is the show and i recommend any Anglophiles to watch it when you get a chance.


I completely forgot about this song until just a few months ago. I think someone on this board mentioned it and that triggered the memory of a 45 I had when I was really little, most likely purchased at a “rummage sale”.

I can’t remember what movie or TV show it was - a recent one, I know that - but they played a Cure song in the soundtrack. They were my favourite band in high school and I hadn’t heard that song in years.

Just the other day, I was reminded of “Strike a Match and Light Another” by Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys.

Anyone remember the Fabulous Rhinestones “What a wonderful thing we have”?

Pandora gave me the following on a station of classic “album rock” tracks:

Uriah Heep: The Wizard

I vaguely remember my older sister playing something like this back in the Vietnam war days. It’s a great tune, but I don’t know what those background dancers are dancing to…

I had had the rhythm track to this song stuck in my head for years before I learned the name of the song and the artist:

My Little Red Book - Love.

:smiley: Holy crap, that song takes me directly back to the after school dance in the gym, when I was in 9th grade!!! Haven’t heard it in decades - written by Burt Bacharach??

Check out the original

As much as I love Arthur Lee, this is the best version. Burt said so too.

Atomic Rooster

I’m listening to that now; can’t recall ever having heard it before. It also reminds me a lot of R.E.M.'s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”, which was not studio trickery.

The death of Scott Weiland has led to a lot of discussion about Songs I Remember From My Youth, and as for the original post, in the meantime I Googled yet another Starcastle alumnus (drummer Stephen Tassler, in this case), and guess what kind of links I got THAT time? The whole first page was for a family practice physician in the Chicago suburbs, and yes, it’s him. :eek:

In case you’re wondering if they ever performed with Rush, the answer is yes. That must have been one of the more unusual backstage scenes in the history of rock & roll. :o They also did some shows with Boston, and I think there were some Boston/Rush/Starcastle triple bills, per their website.

ZZ Top performed in my town a few months ago. Didn’t see the show, but my favorite moment in “Sharknado 2” was where they were extras. They were running around in a crowd scene on a subway. :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Maybe, it’s this version by SRC In The Hall of the Mountain King/Bolero.

My youth was early/mid70s and those songs do bring back a lot of nostalgia. Not for anything specific, just for having been a kid in those years.

I am rediscovering a lot of the singles while exploring amazon digital music loading my newish iPod. A lot of them are on 70s collections and one-hit wonder compilations. :slight_smile: Andrew Gold “Lonely Boy” was the latest, but also things like Wildfire, Welcome Back, Dream Weaver, Cool Change… those are the best!

“Girls” by Dwight Twilley.

Spoilered for flashes of nudity

davida+some numbers inquired about a rock version of Hall of the Mountain King. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the one but I’m posting it anyway by some guy or group called Nero.

Their version is reminiscent of the Ventures. I'm pretty sure the one you're thinking of is a lot more like something that Nugent (on a good day) or the Frost or Frigid Pink might have done.

Of course, I find it immediately after posting.

SRC, another old Detroit area band.

Never mind. I just noticed the earlier post.

In the early 70’s I heard a song a few times on late night local (Nashville) radio and fell in love with it. A few years ago, through the magic of Google and Youtube, I found it again. The song is a bit overly emotional, but I loved it then and still love the singer’s voice today. The quality of the recording is crap, as near as I can tell it was never professionally recorded.

You Owe It To Me

Not obscure, but a while back I was listening to pandora and heard this no doubt song that I hadn’t heard in a decade.

Hearing songs on the radio that you haven't heard in years is one of the pleasures of age.

When I hear “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” it takes me right back to the first time I heard it, as a little kid watching Hee-Haw at my Nana’s house.

Heard this recently, recalled how much I liked it: Stumblin’ In

and from farther back, Mr. Dieingly Sad

Two from R.B. Greaves:

Number 1 and Number 2 <–(compare this with the re-make–you’ll find it)

Hurricane Smith (Frasier sang this to Charlotte Ross on the show)

Dean Friedman (This may have been a regional hit, only; not sure)

Gilbert O’Sullivan (I always felt his career was based on sounding like Paul McCartney, even though the songs are good)

These may not be “obscure” enough, especially compared to some album cuts of the time.