Reducing size of photos

Does anyone know of a program that will reduce the size of photos simultaneously from 1024x768 to 800x600 for emailing a batch of photos?

Bimp will perform a number of adjustments, including size change, to whole batches of images.

I have always wondered the same thing. Thanks ticker.

I found xnview is a pretty powerful photo editor and best of all it’s completely free.

I can’t recommend it enough

You can download at or from

I just tried Bimp and it works well for what I want to do. Saves loads of time.:smiley:

Microsoft has a free tool you can download that works well and is easy to use. It adds a menu item so that when you right-click on any .jpg file you get an option to resize it.

google for “image resizer powertoy”

Irfanview can do a number of things to a batch of photos, resize among them.

Google’s Picasa (free download) has plenty of batch operations in an almost idiot-proof interface. Resized export is one of them.

I also recommend Irfanview. Intall the program and then the plugins and you have a powerful program which is completely free.

I have the latest irfanview, but have never seen batch resizing. Perhaps I just need a plugin.

I believe it is there even without the plugins but I have the plugins so …

Anyway, go under file - batch and then you find resizing, renaming and all sorts of conversions.

The lastest Irfanview can do rotations to any angle which earlier versions could not. It keeps getting better with every new version.

Mihov’s Image Resizer

There’s also Fastone photo resizer
Also freebies.

Please remember to keep the original images too. I had a friend who reduced the size of all her photos without keeping the high-res versions. That was painful for me, who hates loss of information :slight_smile:

Photoshop, ImageReady, Digital Photo Professional and Capture NX can do what you need. Software that came with your digital camera may have this feature as well.