Referendum in Colombia--straw in the wind?

As most of you probably know, voters in Colombia rejected a proposed “peace treaty” with the rebel Farc group. It was widely expected to pass. The sticking point was that the rebels would go unpunished. I think people just get nastier when they go into the voting booth. Brexit was widely expected to fail.

Is this a harbinger of what will happen in the US election?

How could this possibly be a harbinger of the US election? And how is this like Brexit? The polling before Brxit was for a close vote, the polling before the Columbian referendum was waay off. Turnout for Brexit vote was 72%, Columbia’s was 38% (!seriously? Only 38% turnout to vote on whether to continue a civil war?)

A hurricane impacted turnout in many areas

Because people were explaining away the polls that showed a leave victory to be a distinct possibility.

Existing thread in MPSIMS:

There’s a saying, “No raindrop considers itself responsible for the flood.”

Same applies for voters; a tragedy of the commons. Usually, no voter considers himself/herself personally, decisively responsible for an electoral outcome, so they can vote for something shocking and not feel culpable.