I sit here because of “stay-at-home” advice. Which is good, awesome except tor the boredom and looking at these four walls. I need more interaction with my fellow human beings. (No worries. Recent hospital stay tested me five ways to Sunday). Negative, yay!

On a whim, I researched probable causes of my affliction excluding General Crazy Disorder.

Upon which I need to plant some seeds in my garden. It is spring time here North America.

Stay safe y’all
What follows is a link to untold mysteries.

Possibly the best username/topic combo ever.

Yes! Harry Nilsson.

Cabin Fever, keep calm and put the lime in the coconut!
We are apart together.

I will take that as a compliment.

Actually… I can’t remember choosing my user name here.
Possibly because I was sequestered long time ago while … look me up.

Oh Hello’s to Beck by the way

So…CF, I’m reading your old threads.
Don’t feel invaded, it’s a thing I do. I make no real judgments. I know people change over the years.
This is actually a cool thing to do while home-bound. I’m a long term shut-in so I know all the tricks to combat boredom.

Sincerly, a fellow shelter-in-place denizen.

No Prb. Except for those posts about Chicago- which is just across from the “lake” from me. 14th floor John Handcock building. As someone who lived there and done that bene there. Why I paid an enormous amount of US just to have
It is a great

I blame the IV

Ah, because of shrimp on a treadmill. Say no more.

Hey!! There’s a link for cats on a treadmill. Looks just like my Siamese cats!

See how much fun old threads are?


Hey, CF, I’m a lefty too.

And…in 2015 before the Dope ever came into my conscious brain, you mentioned me, yes ME, in a thread titled ‘Lost’.
How can this be? You may ask? Go ahead. Ask.

It just is. The magic of old SDMB threads raises its spectre and time twists. Thus putting me in your 2015 thread.
Amazin’ ain’t it?

yes, I know Beck is a singer.

Good Lord! Shrimps on a treed-meel. And cats…my feline companion ate all them.
To Darren…I worked on a trawler upon Galveston Bay, Excess seafood was my daily meal.

To this day, I can not consume any of it,
oh… belated Hello to Beckie