Refresh Tears

I have been using eye drops recently, more specifically, the type that act like artificial tears. I do this because my eyes get very dry (I stare at a computer screen all day-work).

Is this healthy for my eyes? Also, I suppose I’m a little worried that prolonged use of these “tears” will make my body shut down it’s natural tear making ability (because it is no longer useful).

Do I have to be afraid? Or am I being paranoid??

I don’t know about it shutting down your natural tear making ability, but my internal med doc instructed me to use artificial tears to combat allergy dry eyes, so it must be safe.

Have you thought about getting PRIO lenses? They really helped me, even though it sounds like witch doctoring.

tmwster-Interesting. I suppose that’s a bit of a relief. How long were you using the eye drops?

I’ve been using them for about a year and a half, mostly in the mornings, as I seem to wake up with my eyeballs glued to the eyelids. My doc said the drops were necessary, as the dry eyes could lead to worse corneal irritation, or something. He fussed at me about it after I complained that the drops stung a little.

I had been using them for the computer eyestrain for only a few months, until my optometrist prescribed the prio glasses. The new lenses really did help.