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This may be an About This MB question, then again, it may be an MPSISMs topic. Feel free to move it as you see fit.

I’ve been pondering: The main page for the SDMB has (at the moment) 4709 Registered Members.

The “Master List” thread in ATMB has 291 signed on. So…

  1. How many people do you figure were run out of town the first day (or maybe the second or third, but you get the idea) by the Grammar Police, the Stupid Topic Police, the Spelling Police, etc.? (sshhhh don’t even suggest that there’s a clique…!)

  2. How many have dramatically announced their departure from the cherished board for reasons said or unsaid, never to return again? (Oh, but we know you’re still lurking out there…)

  3. How many simply registered to do a witty (in their opinion) drive-by, or just to harrass the board, never to be heard from again?

  4. How many just don’t want to contribute, either because they feel it is stupid, they are paranoid… whatever?

Anyone have any insight?

Oh, and by the way,]Master List]Master List?
Where’s that trained monkey that usually does this for me?

I only visited a few boards before coming here, so take this with the proverbial grain, but I think the SDMB is (at first peek anyway) quite intimidating.

MPSIMS is the only forum where I feel really comfortable. The GQ’s are often quite technical (even the “silly” ones), GD standards are very high, and the Pit! Lordy!

Expectations are high here. I know the basic “don’t be a jerk” rule sounds like an easy one to follow, but most posters seem to do much better than that. Responses are often very caring and thoughtful.

Of course, no one wants to come across as a half-wit, but many posts also show that the poster cares about the effect of what they’re saying. That is truly wondrous in 'net land. Especially when you consider that they’re dealing with “strangers.”

And it seems like the Grammar and Spelling Police have lightened up lately.

I do wish more people would de-lurk though. I wonder how many folks register and then can’t find their way back? I’ve done that. Well, not for awhile, but newbies can get lost, you know.

If the original AOL boards are included, we have had several trolls, a few of whom even tried to be so annoying as to drive the rest of us away.

“Age is mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.” -Leroy “Satchel” Paige

The fact of the matter is that life would be simple for the new posters if they read the damned FAQ. Generally I never read a FAQ but after lurking here for a while, I read it before I started posting. Granted, some people here are way too nit-picky about spelling and grammar.

“He love people, all of them, washed and unwashed; he loves his wretched pack of sponging relatives. He shoots people, arrests people, but he doesn’t like it.”

If you visit the two “Comments on…” forums you will find several posters with only one post listed under their user names. Of the 4000+ registered members I suspect barely 10% are “inhabitants” of the SDMB. The rest are “visitors” whom we should treat with as much hospitality and tolerance as possible. Only after they “move in” (20+ posts), should we start harping on them about being lousy “roommates”…

…I mean, really, I think some of you were born in a barn…and get your damn feet off the coffee table!!!

I think this one is best served in About This Message Board.

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