regret NOT having abortion?

Anyone regret NOT having an abortion?

Honestly believe their child was never born?

Make that “Honestly wish their child was never born”.

You mean “Honestly believe they’d be better off if their child was never born.”, right?

And to the subject, absolutely not. When I got pregnant, I was single, 19, and in the Air Force. While I am now blissfully married to the father, at the time our relationship was far from stable.

I seriously considered abortion. Now I look at my wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny 15 year old son, and am appalled that I ever even thought it.

I couldn’t imagine anyone regretting they didn’t get an abortion… :rolleyes:

I think that Lucretia has phrased the question a bit more diplomatically, and I’m sure that there are people who would answer yes to that question…but I think you’ll be hard-pressed to get anyone to admit it in public, especially given that we have a sneering response within the first 5 replies.