Reign Over Me

Have you guys seen this yet? If you haven’t, I would suggest it highly.

If you did, what do you think? I have a hard time believing that it was really Adam Sander. I expected great things from Don Cheadle, but damn. They both were great.

Sandler was good. Cheadle was good. Sandler’s story was fairly compelling. I thought the movie had some problems, though. In particular, the stuff involving Don Cheadle fending off the advances of an amorous patient was contrived and unrealistic. Why would a dentist who has already twice been accused of sexually harrassing patients keep allowing himself to be alone with them?

The whole cliched, parallel storyline about Cheadle feeling stifled by his wife and being “liberated” by Charlie’s freewheeling lifestyle didn’t work either. It was a forced attempt to create a symmetrical story arc to Charlie’s for Cheadle’s character but since Cheadle’s problems were not in the same league as what Charlie had been through, they never seemed remotely important. Plus his wife was written as a total cliche. Sandler’s arc was compelling enough by itself that the movie should have stuck with that and dispensed with the attempt to impose that kind of hackneyed structural device onto the script.

Adam Sandler was good enough to make the movie worth checking out. I liked Donald Sutherland’s little turn as the judge as well.

I walked away from the movie thinking about Donald Sutherland’s character quite a bit. He was pretty good as well.

Haven’t seen it yet, but does anyone else think that Adam Sandler looks a lot like Bob Dylan in the trailers?

Yep. Even during the movie I kept thinking “Sandler should totally play Bob Dylan.” He can even play the guitar and sing.

Yeah, so he’s got two up on Bob Dylan.

So, so true.