Reinventing the wheel?

So, I got this great idea.

I had the wife buy a bunch of peaches, and I blended them until they were a thick semi-liquid, and they are now in the freezer. I’ve added sugar while blending to counter the tartness.

I will be dishing this up with whipped cream.

Half way through this process I realized I’ve just reinvented Sorbe (I can’t do the gay little accent mark).

How many others, half way through doing a cool original idea realized you were doing something that is common?

When my children were very young I whipped up a dinner for them one night.

Tuna from a can
cooked egg noodles
bread crumbs

I mixed it all together, topped it with more bread crumbs and some grated parmesan cheese and baked it.

I dubbed it “The Stuff.”
I had invented tuna casserole! :wink:

Now, I must have had a pretty vague idea of what went into a tuna casserole, but who knows. I’m not sure I had ever eaten it before then. I know it wasn’t something my mother or father cooked. I’d never seen a recipe that I can recall.

I still make tuna casserole every now and then, usually when the cupboards start to go bare and I want to clean out the inventory. It’s improved/been revamped a bit since then.

My kids and I still call it The Stuff.

How do you know it’s gay? Maybe it’s just metrosexual.

And it’s sorbet.

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And make sure you read post #3 in there. :slight_smile: