Religious Pilgrims vs. The Airport

AHA! So the wench admits it. Hold her down while I run and get the duck and my Exorcism for Dummies bell, book, and candle set.

Obviously, you’ve studied Sir Bedivere’s, “There Are Ways of Telling If She’s a Witch.”
Chapter I: Witches:Wood or Stone?
Chapter II: How To Tell If She’s Made of Wood
Chapter III: How to Tell If She’s Opal
Chapter IV: No, She Didn’t Turn You Into A Newt

Well logically, if she weighs the same as a duck, she’s made of wood. And therefore . . .

Well, c’mon guys - the fact I use the name Broomstick and I fly didn’t give you a clue?


The correct spelling is “morsel”. And actually, Catholics has strict rules regarding a morsel od bread.

*%&#@ Gaudere’s Law!

Please. Please let’s just reflect a moment here.

I have read the Bible cover to cover (morbid curiousity, I guess) and found that there are some pretty straightforward rules of conduct. There are many people who actually do strive to adhere to those rules found in the newer bits (aka “New Testament”, basically Matthew to the back of the book), even when contradictory. These Christians - who are Christians in the true sense of the word - are generally quiet, peaceful, non-obnoxious people of good moral character.

Let’s not besmirch such fine people with brush we use to tar FROTHING AT THE MOUTH HYENA-LIKE RELIGOUS RABID FANATIC WANNABE LYNCH MOBS - OK?

Seriously folks - I wasn’t fucking pissed off because these folks were claiming to be Christian (a debatable point in their case) but because they were being ASSHOLES. Prehensile rectum shit-shooters. Goat felching buttweasels (with apologies to goats, felchers, and weasels - I’ve been dying to use that insult on someone). Bascially displaying some of the worse qualities of human nature that lead to such niceties as happened in WWII or in Cambodia’s killing fields.

But that has nothing to do with being Catholic, or Christian, or worshipping Jesus or Yahweh. It has to do with being a Bad Person™. OK? It’s my thread, I don’t want it to turn into any stripe of religion bashing because that is Way Uncool.

Bashing RABID RELGIOUS FANATIC ASSHOLES - that’s different. Bash all you want. Fuck so-called religious pilgrims who can turn what would otherwise be a beautiful disply of the freedom to worship in public into a hatefest and excuse for abuse. While we’re at it - Fuck the Taliban. Fuck the idiots (Palestinian AND Jew) who make “Holy Land” mean “shot up with bullets”. Fuck all the others who hate and kill in the name of religion.

But don’t lump the good souls in with the bad.


I have never understood the equation “true Christian=being nice.” It seems to me to be a Christian one need only subscribe to a set list of beliefs. A faithful Christian who is a complete jerk is still a Christian. In addition, the assumption that Christian=nice person suggests the corollary, not-Christian=not-nice, which I also don’t buy. There are nice and nasty people in every religion, including Christianity. Many of the people on this board are good folks and faithful Christians, and I apologize for offending them. I shall save my anti-religion rants for another thread.

Oh, and it was “b]moral** code” in my previous post; I just can’t type.

According to the New Testament, one of the main ones is supposed to be “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Unfortunately, many fundamentalists see it as secondary to “Anyone whose beliefs don’t coincide with yours is to be demonized with extreme prejudice” which AFAIK isn’t even in the Bible.
Note to self - If travel through Indiana on August 12 becomes necessary for any reason, then design, build and mount car-mounted teargas cannon.

Glad to meet you. Hope we get to meet IRL someday. Hell, if you are so inclined I’ll meet you at Lansing airport for a pint of guinness sometime…

I had guessed Griffith, but I thought, it can’t be that close!LOL! World is pretty small these days.

We’ll have to start making plans for next year- after all, we have a whole lot of spectators to alert/arrange for charters.


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Hey man, don’t impugn the Satanists like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Religion above all makes a comic out of everyone. It just depends on your sense of humor. Please, just say no.

That’s because anarchists aren’t organized enough to be this obnoxious. Anarchists can barely get organized enough to play frisbee, much less stage a proper pseudo-riot.

Ya know, despite my ranting and raving here in the Pit, I’m not generally one to try and draw attention to myself. Given the tone of religous reporting in the Times, I’m not sure it would do any good. It wasn’t the word witch so much as the tone in which it was said. Have no interest in being labeled a party-pooping bad guy in what is still, in many ways, a small town. In what way would writing do any good whatsoever?

If you read their book, the newer half, you’ll see that a good Christian is supposed to believe that Jesus is either the son of God or God or both (which state is actually The Truth has been the root of many wars and other bloody disagreements, contrary to intensions of the Main Figurehead) and is also supposed to, as far as possible emulate Christ in behavior. Since I define someone to be “a good (fill in the religion)” largely by how closely they follow the stated beliefs and practices of their religion, it would follow that a “good Christian” would be one who believed in Jesus Christ as a divine being of some sort AND sought to model his/her behavior on this spiritual leader.

If someone actually does try to follow the behavioral example of Jesus as protrayed in the Gospels he/she may not be your favorite individual for playing darts and drinking beer, but he/she is going to be a non-violent, respectful-of-others, civilized person. In other words, “nice”. At the very least polite.

Given that Jesus in the Gospels treated people of all relgions in a kind, decent manner and talked rationally to them; hung out with sinners and tried to convert them peacefully to his way of thinking by modeling better behavior as opposed to punishment and humilitation; and, when the army was sent in to arrest him not only refused to commit violence in the face of armed opposition but healed the wound of one of his enemies, forming a hostile mob that heaps abuse on those not participating in the same activities (probably half of those in the airport party were actually fellow Catholics - not that the fuckwads would know that) is simply not compatible with the professed aims of this religion.

Of course, there are Christian denominations that maintain belief is the important thing and the acts don’t matter because they won’t get you into heaven - but the Catholics don’t follow this line. With them, conduct does matter.

Actually “Christian = Nice” would have as its converse “not Christian = may or may not be nice”

I think you’re reading a bit too much into the statement there, goboy.


Hey, I was born in Chicago.

I’m still trying to figure out how Indiana has a religious shrine worth a pilgrimage. What’s up with that?

Well, I was born in Missouri, but I went to college in Indiana, so I assume the pilgrims are just a little confused
on the proper place to worship. I assume that at my shrine they are making the required sacrifices of Evian, Broadway original cast albums, and pictures of Russell Crowe.

You know, the patron saint of child molesters, that ancient Catholic tradition?


[sub]Hey, stop throwing stuff! I’m a catholic too, y’know!!! Have a goddmaned sense of humor!!![/sub]

Might have to start carrying stink bombs in the glove box. Gets attention and is non-lethal :slight_smile: