Religious question: What color is a banana?

Believe it or not, this is a genuine question that relates to another debate in this thread. Please give your real answer.

What color is a banana? How did you come to your conclusion? Is there anyone who could convince you to believe otherwise?

It what way is this a religious question?

Please just go with it. I don’t want to skew the results with any explanation.

Oh, I’ll play. Ripe bananas are yellow. Unripe bananas are green. Spoiled bananas are black, mostly. I know this because I was taught from infancy that bananas (generally referring to ripe bananas) and things that are the same color as ripe bananas are ‘yellow.’ If I had been taught that they were “purple” I would unhesitatingly call them “purple.” You would have a lot of difficulty persuading me that bananas are not yellow otherwise.

Odd question, but okay. A banana is yellow. I came to that conclusion because I was taught that the particular shade of the color spectrum we call yellow corresponded with the color of a banana. In order for someone to convince me that a banana was not yellow, they would have to solidly prove that the human perception of bananas were somehow skewed with reality. This is unlikely to happen.

Of course, sometimes bananas are green, and sometimes they’re brown, but that’s probably not what you’re getting at.

Banana Yellow

The inside or the outside?

So, all, if you suddenly were presented with a bright blue ripe banana, with all characteristics matching the canonical banana, except color, would you think it was not a banana?

Or would you question all you’d previously been taught? (there’s the religious part)

Even if there is some point to tis question that could be argued, as presented it is a poll.

Off to IMHO.
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Bananas are all sorts of colours, depending on species and ripeness. I come to this conclusion by buying and eating a lot of them.

The red ones aren’t as good as the yellow.

If you want to know what this is all about, see this post in a current GD thread, in which the banana-color question was brought up as a reference to a discussion in a linked thread from over a year ago.

You’re the freshman the professor would just like to throw out of philosophy class.

I’d say that it was a previously-unknown (to me) strain of blue bananas. My reaction would be, “Hey, a blue banana. Cool.”

Can we have a link to what this thread is actually about? Edit: thanks, Kimstu.

Unripe bananas are green because they are born of original sin. Ripe bananas are yellow because they have accepted Jesus into their firm rubbery skin. Old bananas are black because Satan has possessed them.

But if you want a banana to be blue, just pray really hard and it might happen for you… but not necessarily for the billions of other people on the planet.

I think I answered the question correctly. What do I win?

They are yellow. Bananas are yellow. When they were designing the colours for Bananaman they did not use any sort of bruised green colour, they used yellow (and some blue for contrast).

Bananas are yellow.

@ ravenman

I’m having a banana right now. How about I share it with you?

Like the real reason for this thread, it’s a seekrit.

Bananas are oranges.

Presented with a blue banana, I would ask where it came from - did someone dye it, or was it genetically altered, or is there a newly discovered rare form of blue banana growing in the depths of the Amazon?

I’m still not sure how this is tied to religious beliefs.

It’s a cultural and language question. People name colors according to how their culture sees and divides color. Same with objects. If you think religion is simply about “what you are taught to think”, you clearly aren’t a religious person, so this conversation is by necessity going to be shallow and obvious except to the non-religious. But since there are plenty of those on this board, go at it.