Reluctantly — Fuck Texas

Man, it kills me to write that title. I love this state. I love the food and the culture, I love the diversity. I bristle at the caricatures of Texans as a bunch of ignorant, braggadocious cowboys, knowing that the overwhelming majority of people I encounter are personally humble, friendly, kind and generous.

But as I sit here wrapped in blankets with no power for four days, I’m increasingly enraged by the fundamental governing philosophy of this state — “Go get yours. You didn’t or can’t? Fuck you then.” The entire state is built around rewarding rapaciousness, and anything that stands in the way is red tape and needless bureaucracy.

And so the politicians and businessmen all conspire to keep the electric grid independent and essentially unregulated, and then compete to see who can express the most outrage when the the grid fails. They bluster at the grid operator that they created and oversee for failing to take necessary winterization precautions. And they did the same thing ten years ago during a similar (but less drastic) scenario, having heated debates and forming commissions to write reports and doing nothing. Because doing something would cost money, and who are they to tell the taxpayers or business that they may need to pay a little more for the public good?

And so I’m sure we’ll get the same circus again, and nothing will change. Oh, I’m sure they’ll slap some bandaid on it and fall all over themselves congratulating each other. But it’ll be at best a patch, and won’t even begin to look at the bigger issue of investing in our infrastructure needs.

Sorry, just venting. Luckily the range works so I can warm up some Frito pie.

Texas, huh. I thought they’d seceded.

When other states had energy problems Texas mocked them. Fuck you Texas, I’m enjoying watching you suffer. I don’t know why we are committing national resources to help them, they don’t deserve it and they’ll never repay the favor.

Yeah, you can fuck right off with this nonsense.

“Enjoying” watching people suffer bc of their idiot republican leaders is beyond fucked up. People have fucking died!

It’s the Pit. I’m ranting. I feel for the good people of Texas. I don’t feel for the Cruz’s and Abbots and assholes who did this to their own state.

If Texas seceded they would be, as of this week, a Third World country.

So, I double checked and it turns out I’m wrong. There has been talk of secession, but it hasn’t happened yet.


That’s the problem — Cruz and Abbott are doing just fine. They went out and “got theirs.” Why should they have to sweat the rest of us losers who didn’t have to foresight or gumption to get rich?

Abbott, by the way, got rich the old fashioned way — having a tree fall on him and suing the property owner. I mean hard work and sacrifice.

Yeah, not digging people enjoying the suffering of my family, my friends, and me though we have been working to get rid of the idiots in charge - many of whom by dint of their positions were able to have working power and water when most of us didn’t. Those assholes are never the ones who suffer. Most of them made out like bandits and meanwhile, the rest of us will be dealing with spikes in our utility bills because heaven forbid the companies that didn’t prepare actually have to cut profit margins or dividends.

So you can go fuck yourself with that noise.

But while we’re at it, fuck this guy with a 10 foot barbed spear:

So he can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk.

That’s not cool. I’ll never mock Abbott for that.

There are a million other reasons he should be pilloried.

Or Cruz who got his money the real old fashioned way - Daddy was rich and got him into Ivy League schools and lined him up for a post-college career.

People were dying in Puerto Rico, too.

“The strong will survive and the weak will parish [sic].”

Maybe Biden should send a truck of paper towels to Texas.

(I’m mocking government, not the freezing folk)

I’m disabled.
My younger brother has cerebral palsy.
My mom was in a wheelchair from polio.
Abbott hasn’t learned one shred of empathy from his situation.
I’ll mock him all I want.

I love bashing Texas, but I love Texas at the same time. Their slogan is that it’s a 'whole 'nother country" and it is, lol. I used to live in the Ark-La-Tex region, had and still have family in the Metroplex, so I know all about it’s cowboy mentality. Many people in Texas defy that stereotype and are forward-thinking, and I suspect Texas is fairly close to becoming another Georgia. Except for a swing through Dallas and a short trip to Houston a few years ago I’ve not been in the state in years, but my sense is that even people who’ve identified as independent “just don’t call me a democrat” conservative for years are getting tired of Abbott’s shit, and they’re beginning to look not just at Abbott but the whole machine.

I don’t enjoy your pain, I have tried it myself. Not because of capitalist assholes but because of socialist ditto. Short story: three week drivers strike, no propane to be had and horrible cold.
Remember this next time there is an election, its too late now but ,if you survive, it will be better next time.

We have freeze peach.

Now we have another look at the freeze market.

They always say that government is incompetent, and then they take office and prove it.

Hang tough, Texans (as opposed to Texas – the government).

I won’t either but I’m not going to go out of my way to criticize those who do, either. Tragedies like that should leave someone with more empathy for his/her fellow man/woman; Abbott appears to have little or none. He’s comfortable in his position and uses his power for the benefit of the few, not the masses. I don’t care if he’s an ideological conservative or not - his ideology is wrong, then, if that’s the case. Nobody’s bound by their own rigid beliefs, unless they choose to be.

Can I feel schadenfreude over their discomfort and inconvenience, while being sympathetic toward their genuine misery and danger?

You can feel whatever you want, but does the schadenfreude extend to the 5.3 million Texans who voted for Biden? Did they get what they deserve?

I’d appreciate it if we could at least keep the schadenfreude focused on the state leaders and the people that voted them into office.