Remake a movie, but with right-wing themes and actors

I’ll start:

Chief Brody: Kevin Sorbo
Quint: John Vought
Hooper: Gary Sinese
Mayor Vaughn : Ben Stein
The Shark: Gina Carino
In the end, they decide not to kill the shark because it would unfair to all the people the shark already ate.

Please remember this is in The Café. Don’t get too political in here. Keep it light.

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I’m cornfielding your post. Jokes about concentration camps are pretty shitty.

How can such a subject NOT be political? The whole thing probably should just be closed.

Please note: In Casablanca, Victor Lazlo was sent to a concentration camp, and escaped, and survived. And both Rick and Ilsa expected they would be sent to one. In 1941, concentration camps weren’t death sentences.

The first two posts in this thread are the best example of a catch 22 I have come across in some time.

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