Remember Elf Bowling? It's back, part 2!

There’s a new one out - Elf Bowling 2: Elves in Paradise. It’s elf shuffleboard on a cruise ship this time, and it’s hysterical.


Whoops! That should be:

Oh, Nooooo!
I love Elf-bowling, and I’ll probably never get anything done now! Elf bowling 2, here I come!


Thanks, KimKatt! I just got finished playing a round of the first version. Stupid frog messes me up every time.

Thanks! You have now singlehandedly destroyed any chance I had of getting something productive done at work today. I do love those thongs though.

Yep, I completely destroyed all hopes of productivity in my own office today by distributing copies of the game.

Gotta love those elves.

Who let the elves out…

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I am tired (and horny). Misread this thread as “Elf Blowing” :wink: