Remember How I Was Sick? Remember Me Getting Better? Not Quite.

For more than 6 months I was ill with respiratory disease.
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Recently, I ended my course of anti-biotics.

I was fine for a week. Then…weak, tired, racking coughs, mucus, just as before.

The Pulmonist says:“Surgery, no option.” :frowning:

So, on June 10th, I interview with my surgeon, & soon afterwards, they open up my lung.

Not good. :frowning:

Maybe they’ll show “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” reruns in the hospital. Your favorite!

Yeouch. Very, very sorry to hear about this. :frowning:

You’ll be in our thoughts, Bosda.

Oh no. I hate to hear this.

Our prayers and good vibes are with you, as always.

Where do we send the well-wishing cards?

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Smiley bouquet 'specially for you!


Yikes, Bosda! What are they going to be able to do with surgery? Cut out the infection maybe? I really don’t know much about this.

Good luck and best wishes anyway!

Bosda, do you have a tentative diagnosis besides “thingy in the lung”?

I got an abcessed lung.

A bubble of pus in my lung.

They’re gonna cut a slit in my lung, get a biopsy, & lance the abcess.

I’m really sorry to hear that, it sounds quite icky and unpleasant. I hope that the surgery goes smoothly and that you have a quick recovery! crosses fingers

Bosda baby. How many times have I told you to stop snorting those pus bubbles. Didn’t I tell you that one day one of them will stick in there?

Sheesh. Kids.
[sub]Best of luck for your surgery. Please keep us posted![/sub] :slight_smile:

Lots of good thoughts and prayers are with you, Bosda. Take good care.

Ya know, there was an episode of Angel that dealt with just this trauma… :smiley:

Hang in there, and use this as an excuse to drink.

Well, in that situation, a chance to cut is a chance to cure!

Good luck, keep us informed, and if you are in pain, ask for adequate pain medication! And listen to your respiratory therapist after, when he/she tells you that you must breath deeper! And cough, dammit!

Being an asthmatic, I can definitely second the “cough, dammit!” notion. It works.

Just out of curiousity, have you been taking any vitamins? IANAMD, but Vitamin C has been referred to as “nature’s antibiotic”, so you might want to try a daily multi-vitamin and some extra (like, 2000mg daily) Vit C. The good thing about Vit C is that the toxicity level is way low; you’ll pretty much just pee out the excess with no harm done to your body. However, if you are taking an antibiotic, then don’t bother with the Vit C, because at that point it’s pretty much useless.

And please - GET WELL SOON !!!

Do you mind if I ask where this is being done?

I’m glad it’s something that they can do something about!

Ask for really good drugs, a foam mattress, and a trapeze-like contraption rigged over your bed. I’m serious. The trapeze will help you when it is time to sit up and get out of bed. Do any feet exercises they give you. And remember during the worst of it that you will feel a little bit better every day.

If you lose your appetite, popcycles may taste good to you.

I blame this on elucidator, noclueboy and Eve. Passing coffee through your nose can’t have been good for your lungs.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I hope that the surgery helps. Sometimes removing the infection helps a lot more than antibiotics alone. It helped my husband when they removed an abcesses lymph node. Months of antibiotics alone did not help, but a quick surgery did. It was meant as exploratory, it seemed like he might have a hernia.

Recently a co-worker’s mother went in to the hospital for lung surgery. I know this because she was telling another co-worker about it, loud enough that it was impossible to ignore. She, the mother, not the co-worker had a growing mass in her lung and was to have it removed. The diagnosis was cancer, so they were going to remove the mass, send it to the path lab and then order her up some chemo. After the lab results she was not given chemo. The soft mass they removed was a fungus. Boy, was the mother pissed. She seemed to feel that the surgery was unnecessary. Lots of long conversations along the lines of, “Mom, you don’t need chemo, you don’t have cancer. No, mom, they removed a fungal mass not healthy lung, mom you don’t need a fungal mass to breathe. No, no one thinks you would lie about having cancer. . . .”

I hope you are up and feeling well enough to complain as quickly as my co-workers mother.

Very, very best wishes, Bosda.

Best wishes and take care.

I’m probably getting the cutting done here in Murfreesboro, at a small, well-run local hospital.

And I’ll keep those suggestions well in mind.