Remember last years movie Soul Surfer? Teen girl that lost an arm?

Bethany Hamilton was on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader tonight.

Oh my goodness. She may be a shark victim. But she also reinforced every space cadet surfer stereotype I’ve ever heard. Bless her heart. I’ve never heard anyone speak so slowly. You could almost hear the rusty gears turning. She struggled with some really simple question. Including, what is lunar associated with? Even Jeff was shocked at her struggles because surfers monitor lunar tide tables every day. Everybody knows its the moon.

She did get the 25 grand by using all her cheats. I’m glad because she’s overcome a lot. She’s a pro surfer now. Seems like a really nice girl.

What is it about surfers anyhow? The salt water? The sun? The fumes from the suntan lotion? Something turns them into Jeff Spicoli.

It turned out her brain was in her hand!

Short 1 min clip of Bethany and the lunar question. What’s up with her weird way of speaking?

She talks even slower when she’s first asked the question.