Remember Steorn and their free energy machine?

It looks as though they’re gradually moving toward the point where they start taking money from people. They’ve branded their device ‘orbo’; they’ve selected a ‘jury’ of people who will supposedly test/validate their claim, but I can’t find anywhere a list of the jurors or even a summary of their relevant expertise; much is said about the applicants for the jury; little or nothing is said about the [del]stooges[/del]final jury.

I love their introduction of Orbo: “Orbo is the brand name of our free energy technology. Orbo is a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy. It can be applied to power products ranging from portable music players to cars.”

Because, you know, when I think “free energy,” the very first thing that comes to mind is portable music players. I just, like, care so much about the planet that way.

The first thing I think of when I see the words “free energy” is, “Wow, won’t that mean even more waste heat to melt the polar ice and raise sea levels?”

Of course not, you just hook up a bunch of air conditioners to cool everything down and run them off of free energy.


I have to say, I’m kind of impressed. They were pretty patient in letting the other shoe drop. It’s one of the more artfully-performed scams I’ve seen.

I don’t think human beings generate enough heat energy to make a difference. Free energy would be great.

Of course, you know what else would be great? If I had a pony. But I’m looking around and I see no pony here, and I suspect I’m not getting free energy anytime soon, either.

I thought I’d see what claims they made.

Under the heading ‘what is ORBO technology?’ they wrote:

The sum of these claims for our Orbo technology is a violation of the principle of conservation of energy, perhaps the most fundamental of scientific principles.

No comment about how it works - just an admission that we shouldn’t expect it to.
And apart from some waffle about appointing a jury, that’s it.

Anyone want to buy a bridge?

I like waffles and I served on a jury. Where’s my free energy dammit! Or at least some free waffles!

This means they’re carefully building it up to be the most lucrative scam in the history of mankind, I think.

Theor site actually says less now than it used to say; when they first announced it, they described it as being(something like) ‘a way to rotate magnets so that when everything has returned to the starting position, energy has been gained’. Yup, rotating magnets. Absolute classic scam material.

I’m thinking that Arthur C Clarke should write about a future where we find a future Earth where the only things working are supercooled circuits and Orbo machines :smiley:

It’s too bad that they have such a nice website.

They say:

That’s only a month from now! I can’t wait!!!

Where’s the part where they are making money?


Maybe. Can you deliver it?

“There’s so much horseshit here that there’s got to be a pony around, somewhere!”

Ba-dump-bump. Try the chicken.

I’ve been kinda-sorta following this from when they appeared, and given the dearth of information that’s ever appeared on their website, there’s a surprisingly large amount in their Wikipedia entry. (Including their financial history).

If even half of what’s listed is true, I foresee delays galore. Don’t tell ratatoskK - he seems so excited. :wink:

What foxes me is that their PR house is highly reputable

I concluded that it was some sort of brand awareness demonstration.

There was a poster campaign in the early 1980s promoting a non-existent brand, awareness levels were impressive, and advertisers started looking at posters as an interesting medium.

Maybe it runs off of the dork rays from Segway users.

(remembering the ‘It’ marketing)

I still don’t think it’s a scam. They have gone too public, and I don’t see how they could get away with it now. You can bet the Irish government has a keen eye on them.

I still think they’re a bunch of well-meaning but misguided Paddies. :wink: