Steorn now offers an explanation of how its "Orbo" perpetual-motion machine works

No, Steorn still has never made a successful, verified public demonstration of Orbo. But, its website now offers an explanation, at least in very general terms, of how it works:

:confused: Ooooookaaaaay. Dopers knowledgeable of physics: Does this mean anything to you?

Yes, it makes a little sense.

Conservation of energy is a consequence of the fact that the laws of physics don’t change over time. Specifically, an interaction will conserve energy if it’s impossible to tell if it is running forward or backward in time. Physicists call this time-invariant symmetry.

For a simple example where energy is conserved, think of a perfectly elastic ball bouncing off a sidewalk–running a video of it forward or backwards looks the same. For a simple example where energy is not conserved, think of a ball of clay hitting the sidewalk–that video has a clear temporal direction.

Those are rather macroscopic examples. If we look at the fundamental forces of physics, we find that they are all time-invariant. Interactions that at a macroscopic level look they are losing energy are merely shunting it around via other interactions. Unless someone is proposing that there is a new fundamental force (or our understanding of an existing one is wrong), any interaction they are proposing is composed of the time-invariant forces we know are energy-conserving.

They claim they’ve broken the time-invariant symmetry of the electromagnetic force. Since quantum electrodynamics is probably the most well-tested theory in human science, I find their claim extremely extraordinary.

Wow, that is an impressively polite way to say it. I’m afraid my phrasing would have included something like “lying scumbag sacks of donkey droppings.” :wink:


There.! I’ve saved you potentialy tons of money.

See? Sometimes the Universe does give you something for nothing!

Suck it, Second Law of Thermodynamics! :smiley:

As soon as I read that, it made me think of this

I used to think there was a possiblity that they were sincere, but mistaken. I don’t think that any more - but I don’t think it’s a scam either - I think it’s just a way of drawing attention to their company, which happens to be in the business of making and selling electronic test equipment (that operates under the normal laws of physics). It’s an oblique advertising campaign.

Just so long as they don’t ask for any investment money.


That is some of the funniest bullshit I have read in a long time.

“Watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhhhh certainly energy is conserved in both of those examples even though teh second isn’t reversible.

It’s a scam. It has always been a scam. They have even created the “The Steorn Knowledge Development Base” (Steorn - Informasi Teknologi Terkini dan Terbaru), charging €419.00 a year for access to it.

It’s really quite simple. We construct a black hole with the Hadron collider and then feed our trash into it. Put a turbine wheel in the pathway and make power off our trash. Of course we use to do that with incinerators but you have to keep up with the times.

They raised over 8m Eurosfrom the gullible using Orbo. That’s a hellava unintended side benefit if that’s all it was.

I stand corrected on that one then. It’s a scam.

They’re basically claiming that Lenz’s Law is really Lenz’s Suggestion, aren’t they?

Trying to read some kind of meaning into their explanation, their claim isn’t even a new one. Most of the permanent magnet perpetual motor attempts/claims out there (and there are many) work on the notion that you can get magnets to repel one another, but can somehow avoid experiencing that repulsion when you bring them together initially.

I think he meant that the energy of the “system that is the ball or the clay”. The ball is perfectly elastic, and so no energy is lost. The clay converts all its kinetic energy to heat. Energy, in this case, being the sum of the potential and kinetic energy.

Technically, you’ve only saved me a penny.

As Pleonast went on to explain.

But yeah, that’s a slightly careless elision of the first two laws of thermodynamics there.

I don׳t get it. Where is the energy supposedly coming from?

Fluidic space.