Remember the "IRS Scandal"? Never happened.

Like most of the Right’s arguments, it was based on a lie and now definitively proven to have never happened. People (like me) have been saying that for years but the final report was released and that’s that. I will await an apology from Fox News…I am sure they will issue one since they pushed this story so much, won’t they?

It just frees up airtime to discuss the next Benghazi hearing in order to indict Secretary Clinton.

You realize your link is to an opinion piece from almost a year ago?

Almost two years ago.

It never happened then, too.

If it never happened, how could anyone remember it?

He was just giving the Republicans a chance to apologize for their error.

It being almost 2 years later now, maybe the OP is just reminding the Republicans that they still haven’t apologized for it.

You’re good with cites, right? Can you cite a Republican apologizing for pushing what turned out to be a witch hunt? Just one will do for now.

It’s D’anconia, crickets ensued. :smiley:

OP fails for not linking to the actual report.

An opinion piece does not prove anything.

No, but the House Oversight Committee’s report agrees. When all the evidence goes against your belief, it’s probably time to take a critical look at it.

the problem with the average American is he will form an ironclad opinion based on nothing, and disregard mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Somewhere along the way, people got the idea that knee-jerk contrarianism was being “smarter than everyone else.”

It appears that many of the Quick Links on that page point to

No chance of any bias, there.

Got any cites to that effect?

Like pointing out what they got wrong?

Here is a link to the actual (non-partisan) inspector general report:

“This is exactly why the Bowling Green Massacre continues to go unreported,” lamented Kellyanne Conway. “Alternative facts and events are not being given proper coverage by the mainstream media, and this just underscores that. This is what President Trump means when he says ‘fake news’ and he will continue to call out that bias where and when he sees it.”

Looking at the report, reading the Wikipedia page, looking at Lois Lerner’s page, and trying to Google the BOLO list I would conclude that the Tea Party was specifically targeted and that, based on the use of the 5th Amendment, the deletion of emails, and the active attempt to not check emails, something suspicious happened.

However, saying that “something suspicious happened”, I note for example that the 2013 TIGTA report doesn’t seem to have checked Lerner’s emails.

I note that the man who compiled the 2013 report had his wage go up by $24k the year after filing his report. Though, I also note that his wage was stalled out for four years (during the recession) so this is likely just a factor that there was raise freeze during the recession and they probably boosted everyone a fair bit in 2014.

But that probably tells us the story. My guess (and it’s just a guess) would be:

During the recession, there was a raise and hiring freeze and so there was no good way to deal with a workload increase - e.g. hiring more people or paying extra to encourage people to do overtime - except to institute some quick and sloppy methodologies to deal with the load.

Somewhere in there, a Democratic congressman of some form noted that there were a lot of Tea Party groups trying to cheat the system and he (or she) emailed Lerner to complain about the practice. Lerner, rather than being thorough and apolitical and creating a balanced list of names, just took what the congressman said to be on the lookout for, added those words to the list, and moved on. Most likely, this wasn’t a political thing, it was just an overworked/burnt out/bad decision thing.

Later, when the review was held, Lerner copped to the IG what had happened and so he gave her an individual pass (for complying and being forthcoming) other than writing up that there had been unfair targeting and leaving it vague what the actual process was.

But, somehow, someone made the determination that there was more specific and damning evidence (e.g. Lerner’s emails with the congressman) and this made its way to the Republicans in Congress so they went on a war path.

At this point, the IRS determined that the options were to delete information or have Congress come over and start mucking in their living room, trying to gain access to more information to let them help political organizations cheat their taxes. They deleted the information, let Lerner go, and advised her to plead the 5th on everything.

Just my read, at any rate.

Oops I stand by the premise of my post but I honestly thought the article I linked to was from that day. Not sure how I misread a date so thoroughly.