Remember the MSM hype about recruiting shortfalls?

Think the MSM will admit they were wrong? No, they never do (see Dan Rather and Memogate).

I thought I was pretty well up on all the dirt, but - “MSM”???

“Mainstream media”, I think - that well known monolithic entity which obviously speaks with one voice.

As for how the armed forces lowering standards to meet recruiting goals proves the “MSM” were wrong to report genuine shortfalls in the past, well - there I can’t help you. And regarding the senior armed forces members who appear to simultaneously be part of the MSM conspiracy, one can only assume that the strain of leading such a confusing double life had taken its toll.

oh, them guiys.

didn’t those rat bastids (MSM) also publish something about the military lowering their goals? When you’re grading on the curve t’aint too difficult to hit mid stride.

When someone refers to the MSM, it’s safe to assume one of two things:

  1. The post is by someone who doesn’t understand why not everyone else can’t see that the Moon Landing was so fake! I mean, come on!


  1. The post should be parentetically started with “Sean Hannity says”, and all references to “MSM” should be mentally changed to “Librul Media”.

PSA over.

-Joe, ASP

Jebus, I notice that all nine of your posts to date are in threads you’ve started. You’ve started five threads, four of which you’ve never participated in after posting the OP. You’ve yet to participate in a single Pit thread you’ve started, nor any thread started by someone else.

This is a trend I’d like to see stop. This isn’t a warning, but if the trend continues, it will be. ::mean moderator look::

You’re just a typical heavy-handed MSM’er.



You know, it’s clear from posts like this that my mean moderator look is passive and ineffectual.

It’s obvious you need to go back to whatever Nazi Moon world you come from and stop repressing us.

Did you see 'im repressing us?!


and all this time I thought he was a monkey alien…

Is this the mean moderator look?

Naw, Merijeek is just an extraordinarily tough guy. I, on the other hand, was genuinely terrified. No, really! I’m not just saying that to make you feel better …

Does it look like this?

Well I’m scared.

However, the thought of an 18-inch tongue that is also prehensile makes me quiver in terror.

Fortunately I don’t know anyone like that.

-Joe, FINALLY got to ‘Moving Pictures’, still sees Ponder Stibbons and thinks ‘Pork Chop’

Mods get Knob pattern baldness?

Well, OK then. That’s better…


It’s tin-ear conservative gasbag shorthand for “strawman that I’m about to shred mercilessly.” It refers to “mainstream media” which means “whatever out-of-context news story my local talk radio host read to me out of a newspaper”.

You can safely ignore anybody who uses the term MSM as it is a shibboleth for upstanding citizens of Crazytown.

::sticks foot out, Giraffe trips…::

Ouch. For him especially, that’s a long way to fall, too.