Remember the old BBBoy temp board? Someone does.

So, this morning, I check my e-mail, and there’s a message from the auto-dæmons at BBBoy (where the SDMB was temporarily hosted, in the Winter of our Missed Content), reminding me of my password there. It seems someone used the “Forgot your password?” feature under my name. Now, I’m not too worried, since the reply came via e-mail, and I presume that any malfeasor does not have access to my e-mail account (or at least, if they do, I have bigger problems than a bulletin board I accessed for a few weeks several years ago). And it may well be (in fact, it’s probably most likely) that it’s just someone else who uses the name “Chronos” (I know I’m not the only one on the Net) who wasn’t sure if he’d already signed up there, and wanted to use the name.

But it could also be some sort of attempted attack against Dopers in general. So, has anyone else gotten an e-mail like this?

Speaking of the old BBBoard, are those threads archived somewhere?

Nope. It’s just you.


There’s nothing there but passwords; BBoy had a change in business plans and wiped their servers, purging their accounts. As I discovered when I went to go archive. :frowning:


Hmmm…they didn’t archive everything and none of MPSIMS is there.

I’m shocked to see ANY of it.

Tickled, too.


It wasn’t just the Winter of Missed Content. It was a white-out. I was all set to stroll down memory lane and the only things that are really left, that I could see, were the thread titles (and none of those in MPSIMS). Everything I clicked on came up as a blank white page. Must have been quite a blizzard. Aww, man. That stinks.

Odd. I got thread content when I tried it. I think I went into IMHO, try some of those.

Thanks for the tip, AHunter. Unfortunately, some of the threads come up and some don’t. In a random sampling, most didn’t. But it was a VERY random sampling. I kind of felt like I was playing “Deal or No Deal” - although nowhere near the excitement and anticipation brought to you by that television extravaganza…

[hijack]If that isn’t one of the dumbest shows ever…[/hijack]

This thread still has content. When you scroll down to the fifth post, there’s a little smiley banging away with a hammer. I almost feel sorry for him - I want to tell him he can stop working, nobody’s ever coming back.