Why wasn't I e-mailed?

The last time the board was hacked, in early 2000 (?), I got an e-mail warning me to change my e-mail.

Since I was on haitus from the SDMB at the time (damn real life), I don’t know how long after the fact it was sent out, but all seemed well when I rëemerged from my self-imposed exile in June 2000.

On Friday, the board was hacked. Since I’m more active on the boards than I was last year, I knew about it rather quickly, via LiveJournal, 3FMB, and the Unaboard.

But, I didn’t get an e-mail appraising me of the situation, neither at the time, nor afterwards when order was restored.

What’s up with that?

(Note: the above is not a critique, just a bored Doper on a Sunday morning pondering.)

Mine came last night.

Subj: Change your Straight Dope Message Board password
Date: 08/11/2001 10:54:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: webmaster@straightdope.com

Is your email address in your profile the same one you normally use to receive email?

I don’t recall receiving one before.

I didn’t get one either. Apparently some of us just aren’t important enough for them to bother…or maybe it’s a hint of some sort, like back when Party members in the Soviet Union were demoted by being put in charge of power stations.

All registered members in good standing were emailed last night.

There were also notices placed on the board and on the Straight Dope Front Page.

I don’t know why you weren’t notified.

Do you have the “Receive mailings from admins” option checked in your profile?

Is the email address in your profile correct?

We also have no control over what happens between the Straight Dope server and your computer; all we can do is hit the button and hope for the best.

your humble TubaDiva

I didn’t get an email. My address is correct and I have email notices turned on.

I didn’t get one either. Not complaining, but thought I’d just confirm the trend!

Yes, and yes.

Like I said, I knew what was going on, but I just wanted to make sure that those who don’t log on religiously were in the loop.

Just so you know, I am another one with email notification enabled and a correct email address who didn’t receive a notification. I had already changed it anyway, so it doesn’t matter. But even if some emails didn’t make it, I can’t believe anyone could miss the information. It’s all over the board.

:adopts ludicrous pseudo-German/Austrian accent for no good reason:

Nein. I em fullfillen all of zein criteria. I hef not receiveden mein notification of passworden failuren. Nein.

:drops accent as it’s too difficult to transliterate:

And if anyone “logs on religiously”, it’s me… lolly lolly lol. But I did change my password already anyway, plus I’ve been hanging around most of the time since… so maybe the computer knew I was already as well-informed as I was likely to get?

Nein? Just einer thoughten. Maybe I em too believen ze all-poweren of zein computeren.

(Hacken? Sassen frassen rassen…)

I also didn’t get one, although I get the newsletter every Friday without fail.

Correct email, check. Allow email, check. No email here either.

Not a big deal, and who knows. Shub-Internet may have just been hungry that day.

I did’t receive an email either, but this is pretty common. I have found that the spam filters at my university, while EXTREMELY efficient, also will screen out some other bulk mailings. Could this be a common cause for failure to get the email from this board?

I received the e-mail - I checked after seeing this thread. It didn’t end up in my Junk Mail folder on Hotmail, which means I probably have the filter turned off in SD’s case. That may not be the case for a bunch of you all, since we so rarely get mass emails from the Board. Did you check in your “spam filter” folder, if you have one?

It’s a possibility, more than a possibility, in fact.

Thanks be to all the gods for spam filters, but this might be one of the times they’re not so useful.

I’m going to poll the mods and see how many of them got the message, 'cause I didn’t either.

We MIGHT send it out again. Stay tuned.

your humble TubaDiva
Then, of course, those that get two will be all offended . . . along with those that didn’t get the first one.

I filter my e-mail on the client, rather than on the server. And, I double-checked, it didn’t get filtered out to my spam folder.

My OP was more for the sake of those who do not come here everyday to see the notices than for those of us who wonder what the hell we’re supposed to do when the board is down.

(And before you give me a smart-ass answer, Jeff, she’s not coming back for three weeks. :p)

I checked my spam box as well–nothing.

One possibility…I did change my e-mail since I’ve been here. I assumed at the time that doing so would change it for all purposes, but could the notice have gone to my original account? I no longer have it, so I can’t check.

(And no matter what, I am notgoing to a power station–you’ll have to shoot me instead.)

No email here, and none caught by my spam filter…and everything is correct here too…


I don’t see what’s wrong. Tuba specifically said “members in good standing”. I haven’t seen any of those yet in this thread.

And I’m not holding my breath for mine either.


I don’t recall getting one, I have notifications on, and I generally receive the little notices when someone posts in a thread I’ve posted to.

I didn’t get one either, not that it matters - and how do THEY know anything about my posture?