What's up the Admin's asses?

I received this delightful e-mail this morning

Why did I recieve such a message?
To what is it pertaining?
I find this patently un-fucking professional!

The Chief

Cheif see the administrator message from Tuba at the top of each individual message board. She would like you to forward that e-mail that you got (including all headers etc) to her.

The message that you got was probably not from an administrator (especially from what you describe). There’s anther thread started by kabbes yesterday about it (I’ll look around and try and find a link) but in the meantime, forward the message on please???

Found it

Sorry about the misspelling, too Chief

I suspect this one is a bit different than the one kabbes received.

Chief, does the header data appear similar to this including the “nobody@xxx” addresses?



I posted the entire header which accompanied the e-mail. I forwarded to Tuba the e-mail, my response (sent via Outlook’s respons button), and the returned as undeliverable message I’d sent.
There seemed to be nothing untoward about the message, save for the Subj. line

I’m really pissed off about this episode, as we were dealing with an important issue aboard ship this morning and my XO was with me as I logged onto my e-mail account.

I had to answer several “uncomfortable” questions from him.

Who ever

The email sent to you did NOT come from normal webmaster mail, but was auto-generated through the “email this page to a friend” function.

Which I am permanently disabling as we speak.

I apologize because I granted this right to users, I turned the function on. Apparently there will always be some jerk that uses this sort of privilege to annoy and harass other people and so because of a jerk everybody loses the right.

your humble TubaDiva

Damn, I hope no one messes around with the Straight Dope Message Board Member Death Ray function.

There’s one right I’d HATE to have to give up.

You guys do keep some sort of logs of what your server does, right? I’d imagine even the pretty easy-going ISP’s frown on this sort of behavior. Also, I thought the “email this page to a friend” feature was already disabled, or did someone sneak in?

Chief, to see all the headers in Outlook, open the message, then go to “view” and select “options”. That gives more information about where the message came from. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what motivates some people to go out of their way to annoy posters from here, but then, I’ve got a life.

:: looks around and realizes how much time I’ve spent in this damn computer lab over the last couple days ::

OK, usually I have a life.

From previous experience I thought it could have been done by clicking on someone’s profile and clicking “email this user”, as that generates an email much like the one Chief got. But I assume if you’re disabling the “e-mail this to a friend” function, you’ve already disabled the “e-mail this person” function.

The “e-mail this page” function works much differently than the “e-mail this person” one. “E-mail this page” uses the SD server to generate the message, while the “e-mail this person” icon just brings up an address, uses your own e-mail application and thus has your legitimate return address attached. When using the “e-mail this page” function, the sender is prompted to enter the return (sender’s) name and address, so it was possible to enter anything you want, including totally bogus info. The header I posted here was generated through the “e-mail this page” function.

The “email this page to a friend” function is disabled for members of the Straight Dope Message Board.

It will not be turned back on.

your humble TubaDiva