Remember the turn of the Century?

I remember it like it was just yesterday. Ah, those were the good old days. Not like nowadays.
Gert off my lawn you kids!

Anybody want to join my campaign to call the last decade “The naughty aughties”?

I’m calling it The Zeroes.

Reminds me of church this past Sunday where the preacher (a history buff as well) was talking about a missionary couple from Norway that went to Africa “around the turn of the century” … you can imagine where my thought processes started to go from there …

I am calling it the “diuretic decade” because everybody is pretty pissed about it.

I had so hoped they would be the Naughty Aughties.
But, nope, not for me.

I graduated high school in 01, had my promiscuous college years, my search for love after… yeah, I was pretty naughty in the aughties. I’ll go for that.

I remember that all night on NYE, my boyfriend and I were sitting in Master Control of PBS, making sure 2000 happened. We played Hero Quest and ate junk food.
That was our first New Year’s Eve together. We broke up for a year and a half but we’re back together and we spent New Year’s Eve together again. This time we had Chinese food and played pool with friends.

I was a lot skinner in 1999. I just saw the pics from last night. Good lord.

My resolutions had been to finish the class I’ve been working on for over a year, and to take better care of my body. I think that second one will have to change to full fledged dieting.

The uh-ohs.

They seem to be calling it “The Noughties” here a lot, especially on TV and in the papers, which irritates me because it’s a trite nickname. The problem is, I can’t think of anything that isn’t either clunky (“Start/First Decade of the 21st Century”) or just as twee (“The Double-Ohs”). :smack:

I remember in 1999 a lot of sites tried to get people to call it the “aughties” or “naughties” and that won most polls. The problem is that those terms are so arcane that you have to explain what they mean to half of the dolts out there.

Whenever I hear the phrase “turn of the century”, I always think of 1899-1900, never the latest change.

My prediction: When we look back at the past decade, people will simply say, “The First Decade of the New Millennium”. There is nothing that fits well.

I have heard a remarkably large number of people refer to this year as “oh ten” and not catch themselves. Interesting.

I don’t remember it, but think I remember my grandfather talking about it. He said people made a big deal about it and he wondered what would happen but it didn’t seem to be that much after all.

Wait, which century are you talking about?