Remembering a woodworking 'toy' from the 70s

I’m going nuts trying to come up with a name for this:

When I was a kid, for Christmas one year, my mother bought for me this woodcutting type toy. Basically it was a small domed saw and you would put wide pieces of balsa wood through it and it would cut them down the middle. It may have had other functions too, and I know for a fact that it was yellow.

After you cut the wood, you would use the supplied Elmer’s glue and stickers and put together an old Wild West town complete with saloon and inn.

Google has let me down and I seem to be the only person who has ever owned it. Can anyone help me?

I don’t know what it was called, but I had the same toy. I think I got mine in the early 80’s, though, but also for Christmas.

Slicing those wooden planks was a lot of fun. I didn’t actually ever get the town all together, but I sure did slice a lot of planks.

Was it a replica of Rock Ridge?

I’m trying to see this in my head, and I’m wondering if it worked like a table saw (spinning disc blade), a jigsaw (up-and-down oscillating blade) or more like a router (spinning bit)?

One chance might be Mattel’s Power Shop. My brother got one for Christmas and one of my other brothers has acquired one for fun.

Great link, MonkeyMensch, at least for me, the one at the bottom of the page is exactly the one I had.

In 1978 Mattel re-issued the Power Shop in a new kinder, gentler, politically correct, can’t possibly cut one’s fingers version. A lesser version that is operated via a crank, this one can only cut thin balsa wood and is not nearly as cool as the original 1960s version.

Hrrrmph. It might’ve been “lesser” but it was still hella cool. I guess mine must’ve been sitting on a dusty store shelf for a few years, because I know I got it later than 78.

The bottom, ‘newer’ one is exactly it, thank you! I’d have thought it to be some local unknown item, but glad to see I didn’t imagine the fun.