Remembering The Electric Company

You can refresh your memory about this 1970’s kid’s show answer to Laugh In here and then come back and reminisce.

“Faster than a rolling O
Stronger than Silent E,
Able to leap capital T in single bound.
It’s a word. It’s a plan. It’s Letter Man.”
(spoken by Joan Rivers, btw)

“Spiderman! Where are you comin’ from, Spiderman!
Nobody knows who you are!”

“This is Fargo North, Decoder.”

Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman, lo, those many years ago!)


I was very disappointed with the Spiderman movie. Everybody knows that when Spiderman doesn’t talk. He just makes that funny noise and the word appears on the screen.

Also Gene Wilder was Letter Man himself…

And what about Naomi?

I love my chair.

I was in high school when this show was on.

One of the funniest things was the day we discovered we all went home and watched it.

“It’s the plumber! I’ve come to fix the pipes!”

That’s “I’ve come to fix the SINK.”

And, his archfoe, The Spellbinder, was voiced by Wilder’s co-star from The Producers–Zero Mostel.

In addition, Mel Brooks–the writer and director of The Producers–was the voice of little man with the curly hair and bowler who commented on the spelling and punctuation of the sentences being written above him (“Whose the dummy writing this show?”).

Fffff. . . . un. . . . FUN!


You guys know that TEC is on the Noggin channel now at 3 AM on Friday night (actually saturday morning) and Saturday night (actually Sunday morning)? Of course you do :slight_smile:

Noggin doesn’t advertise this ANYWHERE (the times, at least) on their Web sites. I found it on finally.

Anyway, after a half hour of TEC is an hour of OLD school Sesame Street and then another half hour of TEC.

My brother and I often stay up to watch them. While we don’t do drugs, we suspect both shows would be highly entertaining to anyone who does. And that’s probably why Noggin doesn’t advertise it…

“Will someone please tell Mr. Smith that his hat is in the onion dip?”

Who can turn a tub into a tube?
Who can turn a cub into a cube?
It’s el-e-men-ta-ree for Silent E!

He turned a dam–ALAKAZAM!–into a dame!
But my friend Sam stayed just the Same!

Who can turn a tap into a tape?
Who can turn a cap into a cape?
A little hug becomes HUGE in-stant-lee!
Don’t add w, don’t add x, and don’t add y or z,
Just add Silent E!

Ah, Tom Lehrer! We hardly knew ye.

i recall bell bottoms and dancing…
or was that ZOOM?

I gotta get the sheet music for silent-E for piano so that I can share this with my kids.

Also, the LY song

You enter a very dark room
And sitting there in the gloom
Is Dracula
Now how do you say goodbye?
ImmediateLY, immediateLY, immediate - LY

Thanks for these posts. Keep 'em coming!

Noggin! Man, I’m tempted to get cable. Maybe I can have a friend tape it. Old Sesame Streets, too. Awesome!

I finally remembered it was Rita Marino who did the Hey You Guysssssss thing. That was really bugging me last night. I could see her face but couldn’t think of it. Shoulda googled it I guess.

Gordon… your driving me up the wall !

An interesting tidbit from:
Denise Nickerson, who played the character “Allison” in The Short Circus, was also Violet Beauregard in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

TEC was the bomb.


“Yards and yards of yellow yarn”

“Lolly lick a lolly, lick a lolly lolly pop”

OMG I had forgotten all about this stuff !!!

This is too kewl…

“I’m just a clow-ow-own
Who’s feelin’ dow-ow-own
Since my baby left town!”

I used to have TEC album. I’m still bitter that my parents gave it away.

I remembered a single line of a skit last night, and I think it’s from TEC, but I can’t find any reference to it on the net. Maybe one of y’all can confirm. The line:

“Kermit the Hermit, wisest man in the world.”