"Remote Control" host Ken Ober dead at 52

I follow a bunch of LA comedians and rumors of Ken Ober’s sudden death over the weekend were circulating all morning. Paul F. Thompkins has confirmed the news on his Twitter. Ken Ober was 52.

Story here.

I’ll take “Dead or Canadian” for $100, please.

And another part of my childhood dies. :frowning:

Kenny wasn’t like the other kids…

That’s too bad. I was a regular watcher of Remote Control back in the day, as was my sister. One year for Christmas or her birthday I gave her a bunch of framed autographed game show host photos - much like the collection seen every episode on the wall behind Ken. Not so easy to locate in the pre-internet days.

When she moved a couple years later she passed them back to me. This year I passed them on to her fourteen year old son who’s a game show fanatic. Not just of current shows either, but old ones too. He can tell you what year Bill Cullen or Wink Martindale hosted a particular show, or what network it was on.

That’s sad. The best part of Remote Control was Off the Air, when the last-place contestant got eliminated from the game. A siren would wail, the contestant’s chair would get pulled back offstage, and the audience would sing “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” or “Hit the Road, Jack.”

oh that’s so sad. I LOVED Remote Control … commandeered a TV in the student center game room every day to watch it (the dorms weren’t wired for cable at that point). Ober did a good job as the MC …

I liked it too. I remember Colin Quinn as the announcer and Adam Sandler as one of the performers. At the time, MTV had sort of an underfunded, outsider atmosphere, and it fit that somehow.

Damn. I had a helluva crush on him. We all spent many enjoyable afternoons watching RC in the campus community center while chomping on Smartfood.

Very sad.

Sad to hear. I watched Remote Control religiously and remember Ken, Colin, and Adam. I even had the NES game (yes, there actually was one).

So Edward Woodward and now Ken Ober(who appears to have died first, actually). Tough day if you liked TV in the 80’s.

I hope there isn’t a third one.


Here’s the write-up from the MTV newsroom.

Ken’s passing is a sad thing for sure. That being said, a Remote Control thread cannot go by without the mention of the fact that it launched Kari Wuhrer’s career, damn she’s hot.

Too soon? Or perfect?