Removing a service from WIN 2K.

Does anybody know how I can do this? Some background information: We are currently testing Interactive Agent with our EDI server. We had an outside developer create the IA process for us. The client and server are run as services on our EDI server. We are attempting to run the executable that installs the services on a test box. There is a problem - only the client service is installed and the server service is not installing. There is no associated application to uninstall and the services do not appear under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENT_ CONTROL_SET/SERVICES. Any ideas?

I should point out that setting the service to “Disable” is not a viable solution.

Let me double check that I understand your question: The install program failed and only managed to install the client service. Now you want to uninstall the client service (the part that worked).

Sounds like you are sure that the client part is an official NT service and not just some app that gets started at boot. Does it get run when it boots? Does it show up in the list of services? It doesn’t show up in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENT_CONTROL_SET/SERVICES? Any chance that it is there, but given an unlikely name? You can walk through the list in regedit and check the DisplayName value in the right pane.

Do you happen to have the NT Resource Kit? It has a program called sc.exe that you can use to install and uninstall services.

Here is a free program that lists all apps that get run at boot time (just in case this is your problem):