Removing paysites from Google News?

I enjoy my personalized Google News page and don’t mind logging in to see it.

However, there is now one hugely annoying thing going on…the New York based “'Newsday” has put all their content behind a pay wall. Now all you get when you click on a Newsday news headline in Google News is a redirect to a teaser and a demand for $$ in order to read the story.

Fine, whatever, Newsday can do as they please. But what’s the deal with Google News including pay sites? Is this a new thing? Is there a way for a user to block Newsday from even being listed? This is really aggravating.

Sure you could say “just don’t click on Newsday’s headlines”, but they’re ubiquitous on my Google News page due to my interests and also sometimes I click a headline before reading the smaller text that tells me is a newsday link.

Newsday is Rupert Murdoch owned.
He’s fighting with google over content:
Doing the Math on News Corp.’s Threatened Google Block

A little more:
Microsoft and News Corp eye web pact

Newsday is owned by Cablevision, not Murdoch.

Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal.