Removing search toolbars in Firefox?

In the last few days, a few search toolbars have added themselves to my drop-down thingy in Firefox. I usually have just Google,, Wikipedia, and Amazon, but now I’ve got things like “”, “Creative Commons,” Yahoo, and my old nemesis eBay.

How do I remove them?

I found this:

I just tried it and it works like a charm!

He-ey, look at that! I’d been Googling “remove search toolbars” and the like all over the place, and my frustration was starting to reach critical levels. I should have known just to post here first and get an answer in fifteen minutes. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thank you, Mr. Blue Sky. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. It’s odd that Firefox does not include a more obvious way to do this.