How to remove Gadgets

I added a couple of gadgets that I no longer want and I haven’t found instructions on how to remove them.

I’m using Firefox as a browser and Windows XP Professional.

If you mean FireFox add-ons-- Menu bar>Tools>Add-ons>Extensions>click the add-on you want to remove, the box will expand and there should be an Uninstall option.

Firefox calls these things “gadgets”; they are not the same as “Add-ons.” I tried Tools and Add-ons but the things I want to lose weren’t listed.

Are they Google Gadgets?

Are they in your Firefox sidebar?

I think you have a yahoo toolbar installed…Yahoo calls their crap Gadgets

They ARE Google gadgets. I’ve never see a sidebar—how do I find it and what do I when and if I do find it.

Damn senior moments; my life is spiraling out of control.