Removing Skunk Odor

Is it true that tomato juice will effectively neutralize a skunk’s spray? If not, what are some of the other ways to get rid of the smell? (No, I haven’t been sprayed; just wondering.)

we’ve dealt with this issue with our dogs a lot over the years. Tried Tomato juice, got an orange dog that smelled like v-8 and skunk. Tried vinegar, smelled like a salad and skunk. Tried smoking the dog. I’m serious, some people claim wood smoke (especially creosote smoke) removes the odor. Dog got bronchospasm, had to stop, administer bronchodilators. Smelled like a campfire sprayed by a skunk who wheezed a lot. Got a product from our vet, Skunk-off or some such. Hmmm… smelled much less skunky. Still won’t let dog sleep in our bedroom for a few weeks, but its tolerable. Ask your vet for the product. They’ll sell it to you even if you don’t have a pet

      • Gasoline/kerosene works too. It’s not safe for pets at all, and whatever-it-is ends up trading a bad skunk smell for a not quite so bad smell of gasoline - so don’t plan any hot dates for a couple weeks. (No matter what you use, you should probably skip dates for a few weeks anyway) - MC

This comes from Great site for household hints.

  1. Mix 4 c. hydrogen peroxide with 4 tbsp. baking soda and 1 tsp. dish-washing soap.
  2. Put cotton balls in your pet’s ears to protect the inner-ear tissue from the cleaning mixture, which could easily drip in.
  3. Don rubber gloves to protect your hands during this process.
  4. Start with your pet’s head, taking care not to get the solution into his eyes, ears or mouth. Apply a drop of olive or baby oil to his eyes to prevent irritation.
  5. Rub the mixture evenly into your pet’s coat. It will probably be more pleasant to do this outdoors.
  6. Rinse the coat with clean water.
  7. Repeat if the smell persists.