Rename the appropriate film star to Thor

There are too many inappropriate names for mortals. But help to find the least likely one to have these monickers:


If there are some others from mythology and ancient religions that strike you as totally inappropriate for human beings, by all means include them, too.

Let’s see if we can revive the utility of some grand old names!

Sorry, what are you asking?

I have met both an Athena and a Minerva. I think both names still exist and are actually nice.

Athena was a girl I new in College and Minerva was a programmer from the Phillippines I worked with for a while.

Add **Hephaestus ** to your list of really bad name ideas.

Thor Willis (Bruce)
Odin Affleck (Ben)
Hephaestus Cruise (Tom)
Hercules Hanks (Tom)
Zeus Carey (Jim)
Neptune Mac (Bernie)
Apollo Pitt (Brad)
Vulcan Nimoy (just kidding)
Ajax Depp (Johnny)
Adonis Goodman (John)

Juno Roberts (Julia)
Ceres Beckinsale (Kate)
Aphrodite Connolly (Jennifer)
Medea Diaz (Cameron)
Medusa Blanchett (Cate)
Clytemnestra Streep (Meryl)
Isis Knightly (Kiera)

Sorry that one has been taken

“Thor” is actually a not uncommon Scandinavian name. There was a Thor at one plant I worked at. Hard for me to see it as inappropriate.

Ah, yes, time for the obligatory hijack.

This reminds me of a running joke a bunch of my friends have. After seeing Basket Case, about a man who has a (murderous, stunted and eeeeevil) twin brother named “Belial” they started referring to the lesser-known relatives of a celebrity as “Belial” + “last name of celebrity.”

To whit, the cast of “Beach Babes From Beyond” becomes:

Belial Estevez
Belial Swayze
Belial Travolta
Belial Batman (okay, “Burt Ward” doesn’t exactly fit the theme, but the joke’s there so I definitely have to take it)
Belial Stallone

I’m pretty sure alcohol makes this process funnier.

A slightly different direction:

Thor Phillips (Stone)
Odin Blitzer (Wolf)
Hephaestus Kimmel (Jimmy)
Hercules Herman (PeeWee)
Zeus Letterman (Dave)
Neptune Bloom (Orlando)
Apollo Buscemi (Steve)
Vulcan Stiller (Ben)
Ajax Diesel (Vin)
Adonis Gandolfini (James)

Juno Goldberg (Whoopi)
Ceres Couric (Katie)
Aphrodite Walters (Barbara)
Medea Bush (Laura)
Medusa Jolie (Angelina)
Clytemnestra Pelosi (Nancy)
Isis Hilton (Paris)

Just so you’ll know, I had this idea after realizing how odd the name Knute Rockne is for that guy. Too many others seem wildly inappropriate to me, but that’s probably a tastes thing.

Thor Johnson- not much of a difference.

One time, one of my friends was talking about a guy she had a crush on, named Hector. My other friend? “Hector? Like in ancient Greece? What kind of a name is that??”

Friend #1 and I were both :confused: “Have you never been around any Spanish people??”

Oh, and I have known a Pandora. She wasn’t as much trouble as you might expect.

I knew a Cassandra years ago but I never listened to anything she said. Should’ve, I suppose.

So you’re saying that Thor jokes might be funnier when hammered?

There were several Jesus’s at my junior high. Talk about a difficult legacy to live up to, or you might say, a difficult cross to bear.

Yeah, I’ve known two Mexicans named Hector.

I’ve also known a Thor.

Yep. Though it would not be Thor, but Tor, pronounced similar to the word tour
But then again, in scandinavia we don’t call the norse god of thunder Thor, but Tor.
:smiley: :wink:

Oh, you’re so going to Niflheim for that pun.