Rename the Washington Redskins (version 3)

I see we have had two other threads in this century for proposing new names for the Washington Redskins. Perhaps this time they are really going to do it. I see endless marketing possibilities. Lots of new shirts and stuff to sell.

So how about it?

The Washington Hogs
The Washington Senators
The Washington Diplomats
The Washington Pundits
Frankly, there was some talk previously about
The Washington Americans I like this one the best.

Any you?

The Swamp
The Ambassadors
The Hot Mess
The Potomacs
The District
Since the Eagles are in the division, how about the Ospreys?
The Vetos
The Fillibusters
The Munchkins (hey, Washington has the Wizards, they should go see them)
The Monuments

The DC Quokkas

Washington warriors. Unless that’s taken.

Since Washington has been called “the American Cincinnatus”, how about the Washington Cincinnati?

It’s been settled: The Washington Redskins have changed their name to the D.C. Redskins.

I don’t think it’s taken, and that could work with one of their old uniforms and helmet logos, from the late '60s (which they’ve worn as a throwback uniform in recent years).

I LOVE Americans:

  1. It still pays tribute to the ORIGINAL Americans, the indigenous people of our country.

  2. It diffuses anger from Redskins fans. “What, you wont support the AMERICANS? What are you, unpatriotic?”

  3. Well, the team represents the capitol of America . . .

  4. Surely, legally, no one has a trademark on the name “Americans”.

Taking this one step further, the Cleveland Indians would be best advised to consider the same nickname. We have the Washington Nationals in the National League, how about the Cleveland Americans in the American?

That kinda leaves the Atlanta Braves out looking in, but their nickname is not as offensive, yet needs to change.

Theres no way Americans is not a HOME RUN for both teams.

BTW Vegas odds on the new nickname (I predict the official change wont be announced until after the 2020 season, its too late to change all the teams marketing now).

Here are the odds for what could be the new name of Washington’s NFL team from (sounds like a credible website . . . .???_)

Presidents +300
Eh, okay. But theres only one President, how do you have 53 on the field?

Generals +400
There’s already Washington Generals, they are 2-1000 v the Harlem Globetrotters.

Lincolns +400
This could quickly become the Stinkin’ Lincolns if they keep playing they have for the past 20 years.

Americans +500
DING DING DING. Place your shekels on this.

Kings +500
Why would Washington support a King? Wasn’t that why the US is here in the first place???

Memorials +500
A team named after dead soldiers. Depressing.

Capitols +600
Yeah, there’s another pro team in the area that might have something to say about this.

Veterans +600
Not bad, except just about all the players on the field are not “military veterans”. That said, HC Rob Rivera did say that in his opinion any name change should honor our troops. “Troops”, “Armed Forces”, “Defenders”, “Infantry”, “Force” etc are all darkhorse candidates.

Jeffersons +700
Slave owner. Worst bet on the board.

Roosevelts +700

Monuments +800
“Hey Joe I got two tickets to the Monuments game! Wanna go?”

“Sorry Bill not into golf.”

Arlingtons +1000
Unlikely the teams new stadium will be in Arlington, nor does anyone want to get excited about a team named after a cemetery. Nice sentiment, but sorry, no.

Wakefield High School in Arlington County, Virginia (just across the Potomoc from DC) already has that.

Capitol is the building; capital is the city. So, I guess the Senators (Why not? There’s already a Giants football team and a Giants baseball team.) would go better for representing the capitol. :smiley:

Red Hawks. That way you can keep the team colors. The only problem I can foresee is some extremist animal rights group bitching about using an animal name without their “permission”.

The Washington congressional clowns. Those clowns in Congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.

Meh. There are no “Red Hawks”. There are red-tailed hawks, there are red-shouldered hawks.

The Washington Arrows. Keep the theme somewhat in line with Native Americans, but remove the current controversial name.

I would put my money on “Washington Snyders” (it’s been done before, cf Cleveland Browns).

For the same reason that DC’s baseball team is not called the senators: Washington does not have congressional representation and it’s is pretty insulting to tell me that the only senator I get is a sports team. I know the rest of America doesn’t care about us, but if you wan a sports franchise in the area and want us to spend money in your product, it’s probably best not to insult the residents of the city.

Washington Warriors is what we (the students) voted to change our (elementary) school sports name (the mascot was changed to a Native American with full bonnet ironically) from Gamecocks at the behest of some animal rights group or other back in the 70s

The Miami (OH) University RedHawks would beg to differ.

The Self-Driving Cars. Because like the team’s winning chances, it’s still largely just theoretical.