What will the Washington Football Team's new name be on 2 February 2022?

Not RedWolves or Wolves, according to the article.

I like Washington Football Team but I doubt they’ll stick with it.

Let’s hear some predictions! The winner gets a “way to go!” and a virtual pat on the back!

Red Tails isn’t one of the finalists? Boo.

I hate all of those names.

They should go with the Spungos for the sake of the Simpsons reference.

I think I read somewhere that Nationals was a favorite? I may be misremembering.

It’s like they pushed the button on a random name generator. I’ll predict Sentinels because it sounds the least worst off the tongue to me.


I’d still guess Admirals anyway.

I saw an idea to name them the Pigskins. I like it. It has a retro sound; they can keep the nickname “Skins”; and, apparently, there is a history of fans wearing pig regalia.

I think “Football Team” is awesome, especially compared to all these other totally lame options.

Damn that’s a dire list. But I am a bit assuaged, @ekedolphin , that the release says that those are among the other finalists” so there’s hope for something else entirely. Because, really, you rejected “Warriors” early in the game, but then came down to a set of finalists full of weaker, more boring military-idolatry-themed names?

And looking at the press materials… really, guys, it’s a football team. Ease off on the grandiosity about being the paladins of the community and of its future.

Still the “President’s Brief” probably is the clearly simple answer about the naming problems – basically the popular good would-be names suffer from, well, being popular and good , which makes them likely to already someone else’s trademark in whole or in part and it may not be as simple to deal with as with the Cleveland Guardians.

In the teasers they speak about a “clean uniform” and they repeat the “clean” a lot so that hints at not containing anything representational, as has been the case the last 2 years (and hey, the Browns work with nothing but a racing stripe on the helmet).

Suggested elsewhere, I like the Washington Washingtons.

I’m glad it’s not RedWolves. The capital letter in the middle of the name looks wrong. Red Wolves is fine. Redwolves is fine. Just not RedWolves.

Someone on Reddit learned that the company which manages redskins.com (and other NFL team websites) has recently registered the “DCSentinels” domain name, implying that Sentinels could be the new team name.

Along those same lines, I like “The Washingtonians.” No “Washington” anything, just “The Washingtonians.”

Or confuse everyone and go with “Huskies”.

I lived in northern Virginia for 16 years and Mom is a huge football fan. I no longer remember which part of the Skins was called “The Hogs”. But I do remember the nickname being quite popular.

The Quarters. Team logo is all set and since the U.S. Government can’t trademark public property, there are no legal problems.

(They can replace In God We Trust with the name of the current head coach or star player)

It looks like that domain was first registered in August 2019. There are also active registrations for dcarmada.com, dcredhogs.com, dcdefenders.com, and probably the rest (I got tired of looking them up).

Maybe they registered all the possibilities, maybe it’s squatters. I don’t think it narrows it down too much.

My prediction is it’ll be Sentinels, which sounds militaristic and a bit more modern than Admirals.

I hope it’s Red Hogs, because that’s hilarious and offers so many pun opportunities:

The Monuments