Rep. Greg Gianforte vs. ? for Montana Rep. seat 2018

Apparently Mr. Gianforte has already filed to run for re-election:

If you don’t quite remember Mr. Gianforte from earlier this year, he was the candidate that attacked and beat a journalist while a Fox News crew (and his own campaign staffers) watched in horror.

Well, he’s back in the news because documents from the case were finally released to news organizations that had sought them and I saw that little nugget and figured we might as well start watching this race now, especially seeing as how there are currently 6 Democratic candidates lined up to take a shot at him. I’m thinking that will provide a lively primary round, and I’m pretty sure the main event will be fun to watch too.

My first question is: how do we see what Mr. Gianforte has been up to since he arrived in Washington?

Look in the police blotter for assaults.

If he won his race by 7-8 points, you can probably assume that next year’s race will be tigther. He’s still a favorite but if the economy goes south and the whole country sours on GOP, he has a good cahnce