Rep. McKinney -- Tin foil hat or shrewd politician?

Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s statement looks like a wild-eyed conspiracy theory:

However, some think it’s just smart politics on her part:

If McKinney’s friend is right, does that mean her constituants support this tin-foil hat theory? Or, would they favor any investigation of Bush because they dislike him?

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Rep. McKinney – Tin foil hat or shrewd politician?

I don’t think this is an either/or situation. She is a wacko and a shrewd politician. She has done things that seem vastly insane and wildly nutty for years all while garnering great support and easy re-elections from her constituents.

Apparently making a mockery of oneself plays well in her district.

I swear I was just about to do a thread on this very topic. The line that makes me absolutely sick is…

I think this presents an amazing level of demonization, at least in McKinney’s eyes, of the administration. To think that that Bush and some of his co-horts are off in some smoke-filled room planning on enriching themselves at the cost of thousands of lives is just comical.

I agree that it’s insane to suggest that America’s leaders would actually plan or condone a direct fatal attack on thousands of American civilians for the sake of personal profit.

However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to demand an investigation of the ways in which the pursuit of our economic interests in Afghanistan by this Administration (and the ones preceding it) may have endangered our security interests. Extremely definite accusations to that effect were made in the recent book Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth, asserting that the Administration was bolstering up the Taliban for the sake of a proposed oil pipeline to diminish Russian dominance of the Central Asian oil supply. While these are mostly just unproven allegations (a good skeptical discussion of them is this UPI article), I’d like to know what the real story is. (I hope it won’t brand me as a rabid reactionary Bush-hater if I say that the mere fact that the government denied these allegations doesn’t automatically convince me that of course they must be untrue. ;)) But as for trying to suggest that the government deliberately and knowingly allowed the attacks to take place…give it up, Congresswoman.

As for whether McKinney’s constituents “would favor any investigation of Bush because they dislike him”: well, Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District (which elected McKinney in 1996 after she was “redistricted”, due to a 1995 Supreme Court decision, from the old 11th District which was 65% black to the new 4th District which is 65% white) is made up of most of DeKalb County (of which about 28% voted for Bush in 2000) and some of Gwinnett County (of which about 66% voted for Bush). In that bunch there may well be some Rabid Reactionary Bush-Haters of the sort that december seems to devote so much of his time to trying to detect. :rolleyes: On the other hand, McKinney also vehemently criticized Clinton for various things including the NATO bombings in t.f. Yugoslavia and prohibition of funding for needle exchange programs, and her constituents seem to have been okay with that too.

Besides this 9/11 conspiracy theory, though, I cannot quite figure out what Mullinator thinks is so “vastly insane and wildly nutty” about McKinney’s legislative record. She is described as having “given voice to radical critiques of U.S. policy”, but surely that in itself doesn’t constitute prima facie evidence of “nuttiness”.

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I live in her district. I’m a registered Democrat and a liberal; I’m really hoping for a successful primary challenge the next time she’s up for re-election.

I used to line in Rep. McKinney’s old district (the old 11th, not the current 6th or 11th), and I can tell you that what she is is very, very, smart. She’s playing the game of Urban Racial Politics for all that it’s worth, and in that sense, being hard left benefits her, and principle-free partisanship benefits her, and being attacked by the “white” power structure benefits her, since it allows her to appear persecuted (remember, only 51% of the voting population in her district must see things this way for it to benefit her).

In short, she’s not a wacko, she’s a cynic who doesn’t care how the national press plays out, since she can use it either way.

For the record, I’m not a Democrat (but you guessed that already :slight_smile: ).


But, first we need a Congressional investigation of the allegations made in French best-seller 11 Septembre : L’effroyable imposture. Congress is well situated to check out the expose that the Pentagon wasn’t really attacked.

The French Amazon site is here and the translation is here

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december: But, first we need a Congressional investigation of the allegations made in French best-seller 11 Septembre : L’effroyable imposture.

Let’s see. You’re suggesting that an allegation that pre-9/11 American policies toward the Taliban endangered US security is on a par with an allegation that the 9/11 attacks never really happened??

Wow. I can only assume that the barrage of smilies at the end of your post is meant to imply that you’re making a big funny.

And to think there are those who assumed Barbara Lee was the only lunatic in Congress.

A few observations:

  1. It was absolutely inevitable this would happen. I assure you all, guarantee it on my good name, that within 20-40 years this will not be considered an offensive or crackpot idea at all. It will, in fact, be a popularly accepted theory that the Bush administration/CIA/Mafia/All of these were aware of the attacks and allowed, or caused, them to happen. This theory will be given popular coverage on TV networks, film, and popular books. A large percentage of the populace will assume it to be true. Some of your friends and members of your family will believe it.

If you don’t think I’m right, ask yourself how many people are of the honest opinion that FDR/Churchill/The OSS/All of these were aware the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor. It’s a POPULAR opinion, held by millions of people. How many people believe JFK was shot by a wide-ranging conspiracy involving everyone except Lee Harvey Oswald? That’s probably the MAJORITY opinion. People now actually believe James Earl Ray did not shoot Dr. King, including some members of King’s family despite the fact that he very obviously did. Millions of people believe the Holocaust never happened, although it is in fact one of the most documented and proven events in human history. How many people believe UFOs are hidden in an imaginary facility called Area 51? These are all asinine, ludicrous theories without any credible evidence to support them, but they’re believed in by millions of people.

  1. Advancing a ridiculous position is, for a local representative, often a very good way of getting elected. One thing you can say about McKinney is that you know who she is now, and since a LOT of people believe harebrained theories, they will interpret her ridiculous lies as being “brave” and “She’s standing up to the system.” When the next election rolls around she will likely be opposed by s Republican who speaks on boring issues like tax reform, infrastructure, national policy and blah blah blah, but she has CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!! In an election of limited scope, just being the loudest often wins the day.

Rmat: And to think there are those who assumed Barbara Lee was the only lunatic in Congress.

Barbara Lee, a lunatic? :confused: What for? How did she get into this discussion, other than that she, like Rep. McKinney, happens to be a black Congresswoman?

We get the leaders we deserve, in one sense. She’s obviously borderline retarded, but she’s shrewd Certainly doesn’t say much for her constituents, but see above.

Actually, when I first read the story about Representative McKinney, I did not even know she is Black. I have long known that Barbara Lee is Black, but I never assumed that has anything to do with the many respects in which she is a lunatic.

Got it, Rmat, thanks. Still wondering about the actual evidence for Rep. Lee’s alleged lunacy, though.

I live in her district as well. Tonight I went to a Green Party “Power to the People” rally, where she was supposed to attend. Unfortunately, she “had a bad cold” and was “unable to speak tonight.”

She sent an aide to read her speech instead. Included more than once in the speech was “Now, I don’t know whether the administration knew about 9-11 beforehand or not…I just want to know why I’m being attacked for simply asking for an inquiry!”

She went on to talk about strange happenings in the stock market the week preceding the events and other things of that nature.

I heard someone else in the audience ranting to a friend: “It was all to raise the military budget…three thousand lives and three hundred billion dollars. I’d do it, wouldn’t you? And don’t you think it’s strange that a plane hit the Pentagon while no important people were around???”

Sigh…It’s tough being a leftist with crazy friends like these.

There’s a simple solution to that, you know.

That’s the best, and most honest, explanation I’ve seen so far of why leftists believe what they do.

Yeah, if he’d do it, why the outrage? Dumb bastard.