Rep Cynthia McKinney, like bottom feeding much?

Standing at the front of the line of congressional reps that should be bitch slapped back to their district…for good: I present Representative Cynthia McKinney, Democrat from Georgia.

She goes on to suggest that the Carlyle Group benefitted from the attacks…and raises questions about administration links to this investment group.

All as part of an interview given to a Berkeley (natch) California radio station.

Any doper from her district? Is she really this much of a screwball?

Not quite from her district but she is nearby.

She is quite the screwball.

She made waves back in October for sending an apology to the Saudi prince who tried to donate $10 million to New York City.

Isn’t she the same Representative who complained that the food aid being dropped on Afghanistan looked exactly like cluster-bomb munitions that were also being dropped? And showed a paper-wrapped book and soda can as “proof”?

I started a GD thread on this topic, but perhaps the Pit is the more appropriate location. Having lived in Berkeley, I’m pretty sure that that radio station must have been KPFA Pacifica Radio (which also does WBAI in New York.)

This episode puts CM and her constituents in a poor light.

good call, Sauron – here’s a pic.

I live in Rep. McKinney’s district, which I find a little bit embarrassing. She can be an amazing twit.

Shhh, she’s spilling Article 36, paragraph 4 of The Plan!

Zell’s a fine one to talk about irresponsibility – he was a popular Democratic governor here in Georgia (he was the one that implemented the HOPE scholarships), but since replacing the late Paul Coverdell in the Senate a few years back, he’s sided with the far right more often than not, and yet he won’t officially switch parties.

I would submit we now know Stoid’s alter ego.

Silly Cynthia. I live in her district as well, and I am in fact seeing her speak tonight…sadly. I got tickets to a “Green Party Super Rally” with Ralph Nader and Jello Biafra. Apparently she signed up late and is now on the bill. Oh well, now I know when my bathroom break will be.

Can’t an intelligent black woman get elected to Congress? Add in Sheila Jackson Lee, who asked if the Mars Explorer could send back pictures of the flag the astronauts left there, and Maxine Waters, who went to visit the family of the kid that bashed in Reginald Denny’s skull with a brick and danced over him, and sympathized with the rioters as just needing some food and shoes for their kids.

Yeah, the Honorable CM likes the bottom. There’s all manner of muck to rake there, and it always gathers attention when she does.

She and Hearst went to the same school of ethics.

Yes, McKinney is a moron, and I’m grateful that I live in another district. And other posters are right that some other Democrats have made some outrageous statements. But we Democrats are not all wild-eyed lunatics. Her being a Democrat is merely incidental to the story. Please don’t make it the main point. There is no dearth of Republican crazies either. Every party has its screwballs. Sadly, too many Republican ones got elected high offi…oops! I almost did the same thing.:smiley:

McKinney’s statement that the Bush administration knew of and withheld information on the 9/11 attacks in order to profit cronies (or for any other reason, for that matter) is simply outrageous, and I doubt you will find many Democrats who wouldn’t say that it’s outrageous. McKinney is an embarrassment to any clear thinking person of whatever party.

That said, the “intelligence” community should have known something was coming, and even from whom. That they didn’t is shameful, but certainly not deliberate. We need to prevail upon our government to clear out the incompetents from the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the FAA and whatever other agencies should have been ahead of this. But that’s for another thread.

May I be the first to start a petition requesting that Fox TV air a Cynthia McKinney - Ann Coulter gum flappin-hair pullin’-looney bin boxing match?

Is Chenoweth still there? That ® from Utah(?) who wanted to get an investigation going about the UN’s “black helicopters” operating stealth in UFO-abductee country?

Not that i’m suggesting some balance between thier wackos and our wackos.

And ol Dan’l Boone Burton, plugging watermelons with a snub-nosed .38 in support of the premise that Hilary Clinton smoked Vince Foster…

Not that I’m suggesting anything…

Howzabout “B-1 Bob” Barr (R, Orange County) who wanted to investigate just what it was William Jefferson Clinton was really up to when he visited Moscow as an Oxford student. (Now, of course, we know, or at least a pretty good guess is that “Free Willy” knows how to say “pussy” in Russian).

Just asking, really…

Of rabid Good Ol’ Boy Richard “Big Dick” Armey, who has discovered that Our Leader bestrides the world like a colossus. A man who, had he been President during the Viet Nam years, we would have won! (Rather a pity he was too busy)


And now that you mention it…

You’re a bit confused. B-1 Bob from Orange County is Bob Dornan, who lost his seat a few years back. He’s also the only member of Congress ever featured on MST3K.

You’re probably referring to Bob Barr, from Georgia’s 7th district, which has recently been redrawn to include me – and I thought I had it bad when Newt was my voice in DC.

Dornan right, thats it. I thank the honorable Doper for his correction.

As to being represented by the Undead, I utterly sympathize, being born and raised in Texas. But Newt Gangrene!!!

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I’m here to comfort you. There there, there there.
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Bob Barr deserves to be on the nutjob list as well. They played a clip of him on NPR the other day – he was comparing the new campaign finance law to the 9/11 attacks. What an a-hole.