CIA Behind September 11?

Did our own government have anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? This website makes a pretty good case for it. Theory 101

Don’t you conspiracy theorists ever get tired of believing everything?

I’m not sure what to believe. Seems like there’s more evidence to implicate the CIA than there is “Islamic Terrorists”.

No. It does not make a good case for it. It does however make a good case that the people who make these sites are a bunch of losers with no life and nothing better to do.

Just read a bit more… that site has links to other sites that try their best to look legit but ramble far worse than most of my posts… and thats really saying something.

Maybe it’s an attention-span thing; maybe it’s just a little over your head. People often reject things they don’t understand as being “illegitimate” somehow.

Thaaaat’s right, leigh. Anyone who disagrees with your is simply incapable of understanding things that your amazing brainpower deals with quite easily. Grow up.

That site is wrong, the plot was actually masterminded by Elvis.

Big Oil speakin’ here - we had nuttin’ to do wid it.

Does this not just scream legitimate to you? I thought so too :slight_smile:

This statement appears to be false. During my (admittedly cursory) viewing of the referenced web site, I did not see any statements claiming that the CIA had anything to do with the Sept. 11 attacks (aside from their complete failure to anticipate them, of course).

I got a chuckle out of this (from the link in the OP):

One man owns the Panama Canal? Anyone else heard this?

D’uh! It wasn’t the CIA! It was the Illuminati! People, get a clue!

The Illuminati is sooooo last week.

You’re all wrong. It was clearly perpetrated by the people that live inside the hollow “inner Earth.”


The truth is that the Minions of Eris lost a bet to the Society of C’thulhu back in March of last year. Suffice it to say that future leaders (hah!) of MoE will not engage in high-ante poker at The Club anymore.

The CIA, controlled by the G of Z, had nothing to do with it.


Li Ka Shing is evidently a real person–he’s a Chinese tycoon/billionaire, with a foundation.

He does not “own” the Panama Canal, he merely runs the port facilities.

Here’s the apparent origin of the association of Li Ka-Shing with conspiracy theorists, back in 1999.

“Inscrutable Oriental tycoon is taking over the whole world! And bringing his slant-eyed Beijing friends with him!” :eek:

So, he “controls” the Panama Canal in the sense that his company collects the tolls and pushes the buttons that open the locks that allow boats to lock through. Do you think he could refuse to let, say, a Liberian container ship full of rubber flipflops go through the Canal and thereby bring the United States, and her “few remaining allies”, to their knees?

Me neither. Hey, pass the dip, this Conspiracy Theory party is fun.

The CIA could not possibly be behind the September 11th attacks, as they were way too busy trying to kill kathaksung. :smiley:

More proof that Cecils job may never end.

As far as the Panama Canal, don’t even think for one second that the U.S. wouldn’t waste any time kicking the crap out of anyone who denies us passage.

When it comes to the Panama Canal, be advised that a tin-foil hat can act as a flotation device…

What’s your evidence, Leigh?