Who are the V911t people and What is their point?

My daughter sent me a long video which I haven’t watched all the way through, but seems to be intimating that through such evidence as the World Trade Towers in a set of crosshairs on a fema publication and some crazy plan to create a war with Cuba in the 60’s that the 9/11 planes were a US Government Plant to start a war in the Middle East. I’m not blindly trusting the government, but so far this seems like a load of you know what – even more silly than the JFK and UFO stuff.

So, what’s the straight dope on it?

If this isn’t the place, please feel free to move it. I don’t want to get into a shouting match about this with fanatics, I just want to know the origins and background of the organizations that believe this.

It looks like you’re talking about Veterans for 9/11 Truth. Here’s the link on their own site:


Seems like they’re veterans who had a shared interest in the 9/11 story, and, specifically, had trouble believing the official story.

As to whether or not their ideas (or any other alternate 9/11 theories) are kooky or are reasonable, that’s pretty much a Great Debate.

No, it isn’t. Any theory positing that the WTC was deliberately detonated, that the planes, if they existed, were remotely controlled, or that a plane did not in fact crash into the Pentagon, are demonstrably and factually incorrect.

Now, there’s certainly room for dispute in the minor details and conclusions of the 9/11 Commission Report, but not about the fundamental events of the day.

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