Repairing a Laptop USB 2.0 Port

How much would it cost to get a USB 2.0 port repaired for a laptop. A couple of the pins broke off on the port. Just looking for a generally figure i.e. are we talking 20, 100 or a couple hundred bucks.

It depends on whether they can replace the damaged connector, which shouldn’t cost more than an hour of labor plus parts. If they have to replace the main printed circuit board, it will be much more expensive. Often, they will not stock parts for component level repairs. Instead, they will only stock major assemblies.

It’s likely that your’re screwed. Most notebook USB ports are directly attached to the MB, and doing a component level repair of that type on a notebook is unlikely. Get a micro hub for your remaining connector and move on. It’s not worth repairing by any stretch of the imagination unless you’ve got some kind of accident warranty coverage.

Well I am not screwed its still under warrenty. I would just have to pay shipping cost back to Gateway which is going to run me at least 20-30 bucks itself. Plus I would have to be without my computer for 2-3 weeks shudder. I was just wondering if it would be comparible in expense getting it repaired at a shop but it seems like that is not the case. Thanks for the quick reply.

You may want to double check that that the nature of the damage is covered under warranty before you ship it. If they determine that it’s not a manufacturing defect but “user abuse” repairs may not be covered.

If your laptop has a slot for PCMCIA cards, you can get a USB card. I don’t have prices right off the top and I’m too tired to look them up, but I think I’ve seen them in the $30-50 range.

I want to second this post. I worked for Gateway for 2 years. If the damage is due to your error they will have you pay.