Repetitive Redundancy

Mrs. Wheelz and I used to live near a Discount Shoe Warehouse location. They call themselves “DSW” for short.

The sign in front of this particular store read “DSW Shoe Warehouse”.

This amused me to no end. Every time we drove past, I’d say, “Look, there’s the Discount Shoe Warehouse Shoe Warehouse!” (Reason number 4,382 I’m incredibly lucky my wife puts up with me.)

I’m sure there are lots of other examples of stuff like this. Bring 'em on!

The ATM machine (the Automatic Teller Machine machine).

PIN number (Personal Identification Number number)

In southeastern PA we have a river called the Schuylkill. It’s often referred to as the Schuylkill River, which means “hidden river river”.

There was an old Dilbert strip where they named their project the TTP project. TTP, of course, meaning The TTP Project.

Ooh, a Mobius redundancy!

Comcast’s on-screen guide lists all Major League Baseball games as “MLB Baseball”. Drives me crazy.

There is always the FAT table. FAT stands for File Allocation Table.

VIP People.

Meat with au jous.

3 a.m. in the morning.

UMB Bank. UMB is “United Missouri Bank”.

You just blew my fucking mind.

There’s Cordite SC where the SC stands for Solventless Cordite.

A few years ago someone started a Pit thread because his mother just went into a nursing home called Vista View.

AIB Bank.

Allied Irish Bank Bank.

The La Brea Tar Pits = “The The Tar Tar Pits.”

I used to work at a Hampton Inn, a Hilton brand hotel. Their preferred customer program, which they unveiled during my tenure, was called Hilton HHonors. What’s the extra H stand for? Hilton. Fine if they every just called it HHonors, but nooooo . . . . we had to refer to it as Hilton HHonors.

Die. Seriously.

HHow would one pronounce that?

“Hilton-H.-Honors” would be my guess. Which also sounds like something one might yell when angry or frustrated.

Torpenhow Hill = Hill Hill Hill Hill.

There’s a sign for “Table Mesa road” on I17 North of Phoenix.